Mounting a Stealth Cam Game Scouting Camera to a Tree

Mounting a Stealth Cam Game Scouting Camera to a TreeStealth Cam is one of the largest manufacturers of scouting cameras for hunters.  One of their popular models is the Stealth Cam No-Glo Game Camera and most of their cameras have a similar design to this which we will use as the example for our mount discussion.  The cameras have varying degrees of features.  Most are motion activated and the better ones have infrared features to allow it to be used at night.  The photos are typically written to an SD Card which the owner can swap out on a regular basis and take home to see what’s around and what time of day it was there.  The camera is encased in a weatherproof case.  The back of the case has a slot to run cables or wires to secure it to a tree or similar structure.

These cameras are typically secured to a tree and there are a variety of methods and material available to do this.  It all depends upon how you feel about security and viewing angle.  Read on.

The most basic way to attach your Stealth Cam to a tree is by using a strap such as the Moultrie Feeder Camera Strap.  Simply run the strap through the opening on the back of the camera and securely fasten it around a tree.  These are 8-feet long which is large enough for almost any tree.  They come in a set if two, although you will likely only need one to do the job.  The positive on these straps is that they are the simplest and fastest to use.  The negative is that they are also the simplest to remove by you or anyone to walk past the tree.

The issue with a strap mount is also the availability of a limited angle and you can supplement these with a Stealth Cam Pivot Mount.  You see, when using a simple strap, your camera will be flush with the tree and will only point forward.  This mount bolts to the back of your camera case and is then fastened to a tree using straps.  The advantage of supplementing your camera with this mount is the ability to point it towards whatever view you like.  If you plan to mount it very high off the ground and want to tilt it down, the easiest way to do that is to add this mount which features a ball and socket design.

There is an unwritten rule among hunters that you don’t steal the other hunter’s stuff and that’s typically followed but sometimes you run into someone who didn’t read the rule book.  You might want to consider locking the camera down.  The Master Lock Python Cable is an excellent choice to do this.  The lock itself is camouflaged to blend in better with the surroundings and the cable is the right diameter to fit most camera cases.  This has a six-foot cable and a keyed lock.  While I suppose someone could always cut the strap, it just makes it a little more difficult to walk away with the camera.

You not only need to worry about human thieves but also animals such as bears who have been known to rip these cameras right off the tree.  Stealth Cam makes a Security / Bear Box for the G-Series Camera which is used to take security to the next step.  Your camera is inserted into this metal box.  The Bear Box is normally bolted directly to a tree then locked using any padlock.  The metal box provides protection from the elements as well as bears and it’s extremely difficult to remove from the tree without forcing the box open.  If security is a concern, this is about the most protection you can get for your Stealth Cam.