Arkon Gooseneck Tablet Mount for Wheelchair Use

Arkon Gooseneck Tablet Mount for Wheelchair UseThe Arkon Table Desk or Wheelchair Tablet Clamp Mount has been available for a few years.  It is one of the most useful tablet mounts for wheelchairs and hospital beds that I have seen.  It’s also going to work well for tables and desks.  It’s a very well made product and backed by the manufacturer’s two-year warranty.  Let’s take a more detailed view and discuss practical application of this product as a wheelchair tablet mount.

I recently visited someone in a rehabilitation facility.  Naturally there were a lot of patients in wheelchairs.  They were mostly, if not all, patients that were there at this center as in-patients.  A lot of them had phones and tablets sitting on their laps.  Most rehab facilities only do 2-3 hours of therapy daily.  The rest of the time, the patients are on their own.  Hence, there’s a need for their tablets, iPads, smartphones to keep them busy and give them something to do as well as stay in touch with family and friends.  Fortunately this was a rehabilitation facility with good wireless access.

A wheelchair tablet mount would alleviate the need to hold the tablet on their laps and that’s how I became aware of these types of mounts.  The ideal mount needs to be portable.  It needs to be flexible in terms of placement.  The mount needs to be able to stay rigid while keys are pressed.  This Arkon entry does all of that.

The mount features a cradle with 8 included support legs.  You will use four of the legs to hold a tablet.  The legs that are used are dependent upon the size of the tablet mounted.  The cradle is spring-loaded so it opens to ten inches when using the largest support legs.  This means that it fits tablets as small as an iPad Mini and as large as an Apple iPad Pro.  That’s a large range.  Most large tablets will use the 2 short support legs on top and the 2 long support legs on the bottom of the cradle.  Once installed onto the mount, the tablet cradle can swivel 360 degrees.

A nice feature of the gooseneck is that you can bend it out-of-the-way when getting in and out of the bed.  The mount includes a 12 inch flexible gooseneck arm that can be bent to almost any angle.  This is important when using a mount on a wheelchair.  You may need to bend it out-of-the-way completely when exiting the wheelchair and you may need to bend it to be close to the person in the chair.  It’s a heavy-duty 12″ gooseneck.  Holds up real well to the pressure from typing.

There is a clamp that opens up to 2.25 inches.  On a wheelchair, these are typically attached to the area that is just in front of the padded armrest.  The 2.25 inch clamp opening is large enough for almost any wheelchair as most of those areas in front of the padding are 1 – 1.25 inches diameter.  Attachment is a matter of turning the tightening wheel.  It works the same as any common clamp.

I have used the Arkon Table Desk or Wheelchair Tablet Clamp Mount and have been real pleased with the results.  The mount fits virtually any tablet, regardless if it is in a case or skin.