Phone Mounts and Holders for Beds and Nightstands

Hospital BedMore and more people are going to sleep with their phones.  I have an Apple iPhone 6s Plus and it goes everywhere with me including to bed.  If I can’t sleep and want to watch the news, I have my iPhone right there next to me to do that.  I realized there must be a better way to watch the news with my iPhone so investigated how to do that.  That’s how I gathered the information for this article on cell phone mounts and holders for beds and dressers.

The challenge for selecting a good phone holder is that it needs to clip somewhere or stand under the bed frame.  Typical car mounts aren’t going to work as they typically use suction mounts or vent clips.  We need something that is going to clamp to a bed frame or nightstand.  This means there needs to be a clamp on one end that’s going to open wide enough as well as a holder on the other end that will accommodate my big wide iPhone 6s Plus with an OtterBox Defender.

Measure your phone with the case prior to purchasing any mount.  Make sure the expandable cradle will open wide enough to fit your phone.  My Apple iPhone 6s Plus approaches 3.5 inches wide with the thick Otterbox Defender case and some universal mounts aren’t all that universal and do not open 3.5 inches.  I suggest selecting a cradle that opens to at least 3.5 inches.

Let’s take a look at some mounts.

Consider the SmartPhone Sleeper.  This is a clever concept in phone holders for beds.  There’s a flat plate connected to a flexible neck and an expandable cradle.  The flat plate tucks between the mattress and box spring or mattress and bed frame.  The 27″ flexible neck allows bending the angle to where it’s most convenient.  The expandable cradle opens to 3.5 inches so it’s going to fit most phones with or without a case or skin.  This is my favorite of all the mounts in this article.

The Lazy Bracket for Phones has a clamp that opens to 2 inches and has a material coating to prevent marring of surfaces.  This is great for clamping to a bed frame or a dresser.  The flexible arm is about 2 feet long.  The included expandable cradle opens to 3.5 inches and is mounted on a ball and socket.  The flexible arm can be bent to wherever it’s most convenient.  It’s easy to swing out of the way when done with your phone.

The Honsky Desktop Stand SmartPhone Holder is a stand for your dresser.  This inexpensive holder allows mounting of your phone in landscape or portrait and accommodates a charger.  Just pop your phone in the stand and watch it while it’s sitting on your dresser.  It comes in a variety of colors to allow coordination with your bedroom decor.

Well, there you have it.  Three different mounts for beds and night stands.  All mounts are universal and not model specific and work well with a case or skin.