PBA Shield Mounts (FOP Shields too)

PBA shield mountsPBA (or FOP) shields seems to be a New Jersey or New York thing.  We’re going to talk about PBA shield mounts.  There are also FOP shields and the advice in this article applies to those too.

What is a PBA Shield?

It works like this.  You have a close relative that’s a current or retired police officer.  They receive a limited number of brass police shields and give them out to their close relatives.  That person displays them inside their car in plain view.  When and if they get pulled over for a minor infraction, the officer sees the shield and might give them a warning instead of a ticket.

At least that’s the way it’s supposed to work.  I know for a fact that it doesn’t always get you out of the ticket as it depends upon what you did and the individual that pulled you over.  These shields aren’t for sale.  The only way to legitimately receive one is through a close relative.

Mount Discussion

Most PBA shields are typically made of metal and is attached to a metal post that has a series of mounting holes drilled into it.  The post then attaches to a plastic mount with pre-drilled holes that line up with the post from the shield.  Screws and nuts are used to attach the metal post to the plastic PBA shield mount.

The PBA shield mounts are typically made of Plexiglas and are shaped in a cross or triangle with three suction cups at each corner or ending.  Some hook and loop fastening tape is often used to provide additional attachment points.  The suction cups points upwards towards your windshield for attaching the holder to the window.

PBA Shield Mount Recommendations

Consider the 911 Specialties Suction Cup Shield Badge Holder for Police FOP PBA PBMA Shields.  This is a typical mount that includes the pre-drilled holes to align with the PBA shield post.  It is made of plexiglass and has three suction cups at each end.  This is a typical mount.

A similar PBA shield mount, just a different shape is the Triangular Mount.  This works similarly to the one we just discussed, just a different shape.  Is there a difference?  We don’t think so, it’s a matter pf personal preference.  There seems to be more use of the cross variety than the triangular out in the field.

Mount Repair

It’s those suction cups that often are the reason that people are looking for a new mount.  The difference between a well made suction mount and a poorly made model is the quality of the suction cup.  Weather extremes dry out and rot the suction cups.  Especially the suction cups on most PBA shield mounts.  As time progresses, these suction cups no longer hold onto the windshield.

You might be able to simply replace the suction cups on these.

The type of suction cup needed has a top pilot hole on them.  This allows you to secure the suction cup with the screws that were used to hold the suction cups onto the mount.  Simply unscrew the old suction cups, then use the same screws to hold the new suction cup.  Be very careful not to screw too deeply because you don’t want to break through the suction cup as that will severely affect the adhesion ability.  You should try to use a machine screw if available as a wood screw is pointed and this has a greater chance of breaking through the suction cup.  I find the medium size suction cups work the best.

The HSTECH 8 Pack Suction Cups are an example of the type that are typically deployed on these mounts.  Buy a batch because they are inexpensive and the PBA shield is likely going to outlast your suction cups.