Mounts for the Yi Outdoor Camera

Yi Outdoor Camera on a FenceThe Yi Outdoor Camera is a well priced option for those wanting to monitor the outdoor area of the home or office.  The camera comes with a stock mount that works moderately well but has some functional limitations.

This isn’t the first camera from Yi we have looked at.  Prior articles on mounts for a Yi Home Camera highlighted alternative mounts as well.

There are a few key attributes on the Yi Outdoor Camera that needs to be discussed.  First is the mounting point.  A standard 1/4″ – 20 threaded screw hole can be found on the back of the cylindrical camera.  That’s a less than optimal location from a mounting perspective.  It might be difficult to get a good angle with alternative mounting solutions.

Yi Outdoor Camera Specifications

A photo of the Yi Outdoor Camera with included mount accompanies this article.  It’s not a large camera measuring roughly 5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide.  The camera itself is very light so the weight shouldn’t be an issue for most mounts.

The Yi Outdoor Camera power cable measures 3 meters in length and is molded into the outer casing.  This is typical and preferred for an outdoor camera as it helps to keep everything weatherproof.  However, it could potentially add some drag onto the camera.  It’s a heavier cable and the added weight, although minimal, needs to be accounted for with a mount, especially, if it isn’t bolted onto a flat surface.

A very short bolt-on mount is included with this camera.  Measuring a few inches long from base to tip, it has the tripod screw attachment on the end.  A ball and socket design that allows for horizontal and vertical adjustment works fine.  Those wanting to mount the Yi Outdoor Camera using something other than a bolt-on mount or in need of a longer base will need to go with an alternative mount.

So here’s where we get into the alternative mount discussion.  The tripod screw hole on the back will be used with all recommendations.

A Heavy Duty Surface Mount for the Yi Outdoor Camera

Those in need of a longer and heavier duty mount can consider the Arkon Camera Wall Mount.  This is a metal extension mount deploying the tripod screw pattern for attachment.  It’s eight inches long and made of metal.  There are adjustment points at the base, midway and end and this allows an almost endless variety of angles.  It comes with a set of screws and anchors for mounting.  The square base has four mounting holes.  Those looking for a more functional flat surface mount should be pleased with this mount.

This is  versatile mount that can be used with other cameras using the tripod screw.  The manufacturer offers a two-year warranty.

Alternative Types of Mounts for the Yi Outdoor Camera

You may also want to consider a suction cup mount.  A suction cup mount is handy for attaching to windows or a smooth metal surface.  A heavy duty metal mount that can connect head-on with the back of the camera is required. That’s where the Fat Gecko Mini Camera and Camcorder Mount comes into consideration.  These mounts allow the camera to swivel 360 degrees.  The Fat Gecko has a 3-inch suction cup attached to a lever which provides a vacuum lock.

The Fat Gecko line of mounts is one of the better ones for cameras.  We previously reviewed the Fat Gecko Camera Mounts.  We called them the mother of all camera mounts.  Build quality ranges from good to monster.

Lastly, consider the Arkon 11 inch Camera Tripod Mount.  This mount stands 11 inches tall and is very flexible in terms of mounting.  It can be used as a traditional mini tripod where it stands on a flat surface or the flexible legs can wrap around a pole, post, chair arm or anything similar.  It will screw onto the back of the Yi Outdoor Camera.

Yi Outdoor Camera Mounting Guidelines

Remember some basic mounting principles.  Mount the Yi Outdoor Camera as high as possible.  This will typically provide the best view.  It will also make theft of the camera more difficult.  I always like to recommend at least ten feet off the ground.

The Yi Outdoor Camera is a great device for the price and integrates flawlessly with the tried and tested Yi mobile app.  Supplementing the Yi Outdoor Camera with  an alternative mount makes the camera even more versatile.