Wyze Cam Outdoor Mounting Options

The Wyze Cam Outdoor is the company’s first dive into the outdoor camera market.  It uses a hub to connect to the internet which is similar to how Blink does it. The stock mount i what is used in the accompanying photo.

We previously checked out a few other Wyze cameras.  We noted the limited availability of alternative mounts.  This camera has a poorly documented feature that overcomes this issue.

Wyze Cam Outdoor Mounting Options in the Box

The Wyze Cam Outdoor includes an integrated stand similar to previous generations.  It’s a good stand if you plan to use it on a flat surface where you don’t need to worry about the wind.  The stand allows an infinite amount of adjustments.

Most outdoor cameras need to be mounted onto a stationary object because the weather can easily move it.  The one in the photo is standing atop of a pool filter control box in Florida.  First good wind and that camera is sailing into the pool.

Fortunately you can mount it to a wall using the screw holes on the bottom of the stand.  Use the articulating stand to get the best angle.

Uncovering the Secret Screw Hole

Outdoor cameras can always benefit from alternative mounts.  Often, you may need to mount the camera to a window, under an eave, perhaps upside down.  Can’t do that with the existing mount.

So here’s some great news for owners of the Wyze Cam Outdoor.  There’s a hidden standard mounting hole.  The mounting hole is a 1/4″ – 20 threaded hole which is commonly used for tripods and third party camera mounts.

You can uncover the mounting hole by flipping the Wyze Cam v3 upside down and removing the existing stand.  It’s magnetic.  Just pull it off.  See the screw hole?

Alternative Mounts for the Wyze Cam Outdoor

Here’s a few alternative mounts to consider.

Attaching the Wyze Cam Pan to a ceiling or wall outdoors requires a heavy duty weatherproof mount.  The Arkon Camera Wall Mount for CCTV POV Camcorders Cameras will attach to the bottom of the Wyze Cam Outdoor using that tripod hole we referenced.  This is a wall mount.  Attach this metal mount to a wall and use the three adjustment points to get the proper angle.  This mount includes a two-year warranty.

If attaching the Wyze Cam Outdoor to a ceiling, you will be mounting the camera upside down.  Video can be flipped 180 degrees within the Wyze app.

A lot of outdoor camera owners want to attach their device to a window.  This is a bit of a heavier camera but you don’t need an expensive mount.  Consider the Delkin Fat Gecko Mini Suction Camera Mount.  It’s a well made mount that adjusts at the base and tip to get the right angle for the best video when mounted on a window.  These mounts are rated to hold cameras up to 4 pounds so this won’t be an issue.

Lastly, for those with a very unusual placement requirement that doesn’t have a flat surface for a suction cup or screws, consider a flexible tripod mount.  Consider the Joby GorillaPod 325.  It’s a mini tripod with three flexible legs.  Wrap these legs around a post, chair arm, or curtain rod.  You get the idea.


The Wyze Cam Outdoor is a feature packed camera that includes the universal mounting screw hole that enables third mount usage.  We applaud Wyze in their decision to move away from proprietary mounting options.  The few we recommend are great additions to this excellent security camera,