Different Ways to Mount the Wyze Base Station

Wyze Base StationThe Wyze Base Station is used to connect to a Wyze Cam Outdoor.  It needs to be centrally located so that all cameras can consistently communicate.  Sometimes, that central spot isn’t the most convenient.  So, let’s discuss different ways to mount this device.

Placement Dilemma

For those that have multiple Wyze Outdoor Cameras, this becomes a bit of a juggling act.  Click on the Wyze Base Station under the Wyze app to see how many bars each outdoor camera is getting.  These need to be as strong as possible.  Ideally three bars.

For those with a single camera, this is an easy task.  Just place the module as close as possible to the single camera.  Multiple camera systems have a more challenging task.  The base station needs to be somewhere between the WiFi router and multiple routers where it can get the strongest signal from all devices.

This will often require your Wyze Base Station to be placed in wireless mode versus directly connecting it with an Ethernet cable.

Often that location is not as convenient as popping it on the table.  Fortunately, there are some mounts that can make this job easier and keep it neat.  Let’s look at some of the options.

Places to Mount a Wyze Base Station

A possible limitation of mounting the base station to an outlet is that it’s often located near the floor.  Wireless signals are always stronger when located higher up so mounting the device to a wall is a good idea.  Another good idea, especially for an outdoor implementation of the Wyze Cam Outdoor  is mounting it to a window.

Consider the eLhook 4” White Stick-On and Removable Shelf For Cloud Security Cameras and Small Speakers.  It’s a handy way to attach a base station to a window or wall.  This is a clever mount that uses temporary adhesive strips to attach the shelf to a window or wall.  The module sits atop the ElHook Mount just like it would on your shelf or counter.  The shelf even has a small hole useful for running the cable through.  We first discovered these for mounting a Nest Cam to a window and they work quite well.

You can also mount this base station to a wall using the mounting hole on the bottom of the device.  Just drive a screw into a wall, then hang the base station using the screw hole.  The antennas can bend upwards to get the best signal.

If you would rather not drive a hole into a wall, you can use the Adhesive Wall Mount for Wyze Base Station.  It’s a handy way to attach a Wyze Base Station to a wall using adhesive.  The base station snaps onto the mounting plate.  The other side of the mounting plate uses an included adhesive strip to attach to a wall.