Using your iPhone, iPad or any Device while working out

Using your iPhone, iPad or any Device while working outIt’s really amazing to think how times have changed.  Gone are the days of strapping a small TV to your belt to listen to music while working out.  While some may think of that as the good old days, I prefer my brand new iPhone 6.  Fitness apps built right in.  When I go to my local Planet Fitness, I can do everything from a custom workout guided by my iPhone to watching the Giants game on my iPhone because the guy next to me is watching a Sunday afternoon political program on TV number 7 (I would rather watch Chia Pet infomercials than those programs).

This article is going to cover where to stow your device while working out.  The most obvious place would be to strap it to your bicep or forearm.  There are a lot of armbands out there and even ones that will allow you to fit even your new gigantic iPhone 6+ to your arm (see our article on Arkon’s ARMBAND6).   When selecting an armband there are a few considerations to take into account.  The size of your phone will determine the size of the pouch on the armband.  Not all armbands are created equal.  Armband models form a few years back will prove too small for today’s larger phones.  You also need to consider use of a case or skin as that will increase the size of the pouch needed.  Also take into account the size of your arm.  Most armbands aren’t made for huge biceps so try to get a measurement of the actual band before purchasing to ensure it will fit.  A last consideration is additional storage space.  Some armbands have a small pouch to stow your driver’s license or a few dollars.  Check before purchasing.

Another good location for your phone is your waist.  Small inexpensive clips are available to attach your phone to your waist band.  Personally, I think these get in the way, especially for heavier devices.  There’s nothing worse than having your gym shorts falls down because of the weight of your phone.  Don’t risk it.  Go with the armband or the mounting solution outlined below.  Dropping your drawers at the gym while on the treadmill means joining a new gym.

How about a tablet?  Tablets may not be comfortable to strap to your arm.  Ironically we used to deal with a mount company that made mounts that would strap to your thigh.  It seemed like an interesting idea to use, but apparently we were among the minority as the company is no longer in business.  Anyway, if you would like to use a tablet while at your local gym or perhaps in your home gym, there are mounts, such as the one pictured at the top of this article.  These mounts include a strap that fits around the bars of a treadmill or stationary bike.  Simple to attach and remove and very sturdy.  They key to using one of these mounts is to ensure that the diameter of the bar you are attaching the mount to is small enough in diameter to fit the mount.  We find that a mount that deploys a three to four-inch strap is usually sufficient to apply to the treadmills at our local Planet Fitness.  These strap mounts are typically not the same as those sold for bicycles as they need to have longer straps.  Be sure to get one that is a minimum of 4 inches to play it safe.

If using an elliptical or stationary bike, you may find that certain clamp mounts will fit well.  It seems that these machines have handlebars or grips that aren’t as wide as treadmills, can’t figure out why that is.  Buy a mounting kit that has a clamp that is at least 2 inches wide and get one that opens as wide as possible to be sure that you don’t run into a piece of equipment that you cannot use the mount on.  Like the strap mount, you can purchase these mounts with cradles included or you can buy the cradle as an individual component.