Mounting a Phone or Tablet on a Planet Fitness Treadmill

Planet Fitness treadmillA photo of some of what seems like 7,000 treadmills at Planet Fitness accompanies this article.  These are typical examples of a Planet Fitness treadmill.  These are some of the most boring pieces of exercise equipment in existence.  Entertainment options are required.

Sure you could view one of the 20+ televisions and could listen to the audio by plugging a 3.5 mm headset into the little hole on the bottom of the display.  However, who’s walking around with a wired set of ear buds?  Better yet, is there anything on those 20+ televisions worth watching?  Perhaps, you want to watch something on YouTube or listen to Pandora instead.

A small shelf is found beneath the control panel.  Depending upon the importance of the display area or buttons, you might be able to use it for a smartphone as that would place it at the perfect position.  A full size tablet is too large for this shelf.

You will note a phone holder built into the display area at the far right.  Not sure who designed this holder, but somebody should buy them a phone made over the past few years.  It’s way too small to hold most phones.

So that leaves us with a few areas to consider on a Planet Fitness treadmill.  The best of them will be the area on the middle handlebar between the pulse sensors.  The pulse sensors are the metal portions to the far left and far right of that middle curved handlebar.  A mount that attaches to the middle of that bar will work best on a Planet Fitness treadmill.  Let’s consider a few options.

We need mounts that can be quickly installed and removed.  You don’t want to get stared at as you work with tools to remove the mount.  So we’re going to recommend mounts that do not require a toll box to install.

The handlebar on a Planet Fitness treadmill is approximately the same diameter as a motorcycle handlebar so some mounts for that purpose may work well here.

For a phone, consider the Arkon Bike or Motorcycle Phone Holder Strap Mount.  This versatile mount features a removable strap that fits handlebars up to two inches in diameter so it will fit the Planet Fitness treadmill handlebar just fine.  Attached to the strap mount is an expandable cradle that opens to 3.4 inches.  This cradle is large enough for almost any phone including an Apple iPhone 8 with Otterbox or Samsung Galaxy S8+ with a thick case.  Simply place your phone within the expandable cradle and squeeze the sides to hold the device.  The cradle opens at the push of a button.  There are supports at the bottom of the phone to help hold your phone in place and it swivels into landscape or portrait mode.  The manufacturer provides a two-year warranty.

For a tablet no larger than an Apple iPad Mini, consider the Arkon Handlebar Strap Mount for 7″ 8″ Tablet & Large SmartPhones.  The included expandable cradle opens to hold tablets up to the size of an Apple iPad Mini.  The included strap fits handlebars up to about two inches so it will fit the Planet Fitness treadmill just fine.  Easy to install and remove.  The tablet can swivel and pivot into any orientation.  The cradle opens large enough to also fit a large phone.  So you could get away with the mount for either a phone or small to midsize tablet.  Like the other mount, this comes with a two-year warranty.

Tablets larger than the Apple iPad Mini are too large for a Planet Fitness treadmill.

So, if the shelf beneath the display isn’t cutting it, either of these two mounts should help to mount a phone or tablet on a Planet Fitness treadmill.