TomTom Rider Mounts

TomTom first introduced a GPS made specifically for a motorcycle called the TomTom Rider roughly ten years ago.  It was then followed up with a refresh known as the TomTom Rider v2.  The problem with the older TomTom Rider generations is that a few years after they introduced the GPS in the United States, they stopped selling accessories.  This left the TomTom Rider owner who potentially spent hundreds of dollars on a GPS in a real bind when it came to replacing a mount or cradle.  Fortunately there are options that aren’t always made by TomTom that may work as well as what you received when you purchased your GPS.

Now to keep things interesting, TomTom then introduced an additional version of the TomTom Rider in early 2013 which I will call the TomTom Rider 3.  Fortunately parts are still available for this generation of Rider.

The TomTom Rider comes equipped with a powered motorcycle cradle that has four threaded holes on the back.  The holes form what is called the AMPS pattern which is an industry standard mounting pattern.  That pattern is common to many mounts but for motorcycle use, you will want this attached to a good quality mount for your bike.

First, we’ll discuss motorcycle mounts.  TomTom discontinued the availability of their motorcycle cradle a few years after the Rider and Rider 2 was introduced so hopefully your cradle is fully functional and you just need a mount to attach to the back of that cradle.  If your cradle has failed, there are no good options that I know of for replacing that part.  The discussion that follows makes the assumption that your cradle is in good shape and still in use.  Fortunately for owners of the most recent Rider, the powered cradle is still available.

For handlebars with a diameter of up to 1.25 inches, which is most motorcycles, a good AMPS handlebar mount is manufactured by RAM.  This mount will line up well with the back of your powered cradle and will use the same screws that came with your GPS cradle.  The mount is made of metal and comes with a lifetime warranty.  A similar setup is available as an AMPS clutch mount.  Like the handlebar option, this mount is made of metal and carries a lifetime warranty.  The clutch mount comes with bolts which will replace the ones that came with your motorcycle.  The installation is not difficult and comes well documented by RAM.

If you would care to use your TomTom Rider in the car, this is also possible thanks to RAM.  An excellent suction cup mount complete with the 4-hole AMPS pattern is available.  This mount will screw to the back of your motorcycle cradle.  The mount is mostly metal and comes with a lifetime warranty.  While TomTom made a car kit for the Rider, they discontinued distribution of these in the United States many years ago so unless you were lucky enough to score one of these TomTom mounts shortly after your purchased the GPS, you are out of luck in the United States.  While there is a chance that you might be able to pick one up from a UK motorcycle dealer, you are going to find the TomTom windshield mount will cost well in excess of $100.  The RAM option is a fraction of this price and in my opinion better made.