Garmin Zumo XT and XT2 Motorcycle and Car Mounts

We look at Garmin Zumo XT Motorcycle Mounts and HoldersIt’s nice to see Garmin staying in the motorcycle GPS market.  The Garmin Zumo XT and XT2 are available with a lot of nice features.

We’re seeing a declining market in motorcycle GPS devices because a lot of people have been using their phones.  However there are still advantages to using a motorcycle GPS including the all important weatherproof qualities versus most phones.  A motorcycle GPS also includes some anti-glare features not present in phones.

This isn’t an article on motorcycle GPS devices.  It’s an article about mounts for the Garmin Zumo XT and XT2 so let’s get into the analysis.

Mount Analysis

The decade old design of a Garmin Zumo mount remains mostly unchanged.  What’s changed is the cradle.  However the motorcycle mount connection is the same 4-hole AMPS pattern used in the past.  Those upgrading from an older Zumo can likely repurpose their old mount.

Garmin also maintained the same 17mm ball design for their car mount cradle.  Also good news as owners can repurpose their old car mount used for a Garmin Nuvi or Drive GPS.

Motorcycle Mount Recommendations for the Garmin Zumo XT and XT2

The Garmin Zumo Motorcycle Mount is the one included in the box.  These are branded by Garmin.  It includes mounting options for a handlebar and clutch.  The handlebar option utilizes a u-bolt that surrounds handlebar up to 1.25 inches in diameter.  The clutch option includes replacement bolts for the clutch or brake attachments.  The handlebar mounting location is perfect for those that like to install it themselves.  The clutch or brake attachment requires more skill and if uncomfortable with taking your bike apart, ask your motorcycle mechanic to do it.

Other mounting options are available that can leverage components from the included motorcycle mount.  A popular option is the RAM 4-Hole Flat Surface Base.  If that looks familiar, it should.  This is the same connector pattern that is used to attach the mount to the included cradle.  That same pattern can be used for bolting it to a flat surface.

Another popular option is to the RAM Fork Stem Base.  This mount will attach to the stem hole on many motorcycles.  The mounting kit includes a bolt and a plastic cone that you can cut to fit the stem hole.  The plastic cone can be cut from 12 -20mm and 28mm or .5” – 1.10”.  You can replace the handlebar base with this fork stem base.  Use the arm and mounting plate that you received in the box.  No need to purchase anything more.  Be sure to follow the instructions on this one as you can one shot to cut the cone down to the right diameter.

Car Mount Recommendations for the Garmin Zumo XT and XT2

Those wishing to use a Garmin Zumo XT in their car can add the Car Kit.  These only fit the Garmin Zumo XT, not the XT2.  This includes a cradle, windshield mount and the power cable for plugging into your 12V port.

Some may opt to bypass using the suction mount and go with something a little different like the Cup Holder Mount.  This mount features the 17mm cradle that is found on the back of the cradle in the car kit.  These specifically fit the car cradle only, not the motorcycle cradle.