Truck Tablet and Smartphone Mounts for the ELD Mandate

The Electronic Logging Device rule also known as the ELD mandate will start being enforced on Dec. 18, 2017.  Fleets must implement ELD devices to log hours of service (also known as HOS).  Fleets and independent truckers can implement tablets and smartphones, following established Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requirements.  With that comes the need for some rugged truck mounts to hold the tablets and smartphones that are being used to meet the ELD mandate. We aren’t ELD mandate experts so cannot give advice on the applications required but can provide suggestions on good mounts for tablets and smartphones … Read more

Tablet Mounts for Back Seat Taxicab Passengers

Just finished writing an article about mounts for taxi drivers, and we’re on a roll so here’s our entry on mounts for taxicab passengers. Why would a taxi owner want to do this?  Passenger convenience and better tips.  This is especially applicable to Uber and Lyft drivers.  Also for limo drivers.  It can be a long drive to the airport, why not watch a movie or something from NetFlix.  Your passengers could be especially grateful for this mount is they have small children.  You could provide your own tablet or have the passenger use their own. If using your own … Read more

How to Install a Car Seat Bolt Mount in Under Five Minutes

This article is for those thinking about or have already purchased a car seat bolt mount.  Installation of anything in a car can be a daunting process.  Especially whenever it involves tools.  We’ll show you how to install a car seat bolt mount. Car seat bolt mounts can be used to hold almost any device.  It’s a great place for installing devices that do not require constant viewing by the driver.  Devices such as satellite radio and tablets work well with a car seat bolt mount.  I’m not a fan of using a car seat bolt mount for GPS purposes … Read more

The Best Sirius XM Radio Mount for a Car

A car mount for a Delphi SkyFi XM Radio is how I first got started with mobile device mounts.  This was right around the turn of the century (15 years ago, but it sounds more impressive when I say turn of the century).  So I had this XM Radio and used an adhesive mount on my car’s dash.  Every hot day in the summer, this mount would fall off the dash and I would come outside to be greeted with my Skyfi laying somewhere on the floor.  I got tired of this happening so off I went in search of the best Sirius … Read more

Mounting the Latest Sirius Car Radio Models: Stratus 7 Starmate 8 and OnyX

With many new cars coming with satellite radio already installed, we are surprised by the number of inquiries we field on aftermarket radios.  Sirius has recently released the Stratus 7, Starmate 8 and Onyx Plus radios.  Quite frankly these radios all comes with better displays and more features than the car installed radios.  The displays have more lines and most models have the ability to rewind.  Some can display album art and you can customize your own Sirius channels by blending several channels together.  I’m sure there are many Sirius users out there that already has a stock Sirius Radio in their … Read more

Car Seat Bolt Mounts for Tablets, SmartPhones and Sirius Radio

Car seat bolt mounts have been around for 15 years.  The first one that I ever ran into was from a company called Arkon out in California.  They made a 15-inch seat bolt mount for your satellite radio.  This was infinitely better than the sticky mount that you got with your XM Radio which fell off the dash the first hot day in July.  I really thought I was a genius when I found that.  Even though it was only 15 inches high, it placed the radio at the perfect location and I never had to worry about the sticky … Read more