Installing Sirius XM Radio on a Boat

Entertainment on a boat is an absolute necessity.  Some like the serene quietness on the water but not me.  Turn up the music.  Hence, our article on installing Sirius XM Radio on a boat. Installing Sirius XM Radio on a boat has unique challenges versus an everyday car installation.  The mount also needs to remain stable and remain unaffected by extreme vibrations and bumps.  It’s easy to install the antenna on a car.  Just pop it on your roof and let the wire in through your side window.  That’s not going to work well on a boat.  Same concern with power. … Read more

The Best Sirius XM Radio Mount for a Car

A car mount for a Delphi SkyFi XM Radio is how I first got started with mobile device mounts.  This was right around the turn of the century (15 years ago, but it sounds more impressive when I say turn of the century).  So I had this XM Radio and used an adhesive mount on my car’s dash.  Every hot day in the summer, this mount would fall off the dash and I would come outside to be greeted with my Skyfi laying somewhere on the floor.  I got tired of this happening so off I went in search of the best Sirius … Read more

Installing Sirius XM Radio in a Truck or Rig

Truckers like satellite radio.  Today we are going to talk about installing Sirius XM Radio in a truck or rig.  We will discuss the most obvious part of how to mount the radio.  We will also cover antenna options which are a bit more difficult than what is done for a car. Installing Sirius XM Radio in a truck or rig has unique challenges versus a car.  The cabin is much larger therefore the mount needs to be longer.  The mount also needs to remain stable and remain unaffected by extreme vibrations and bumps.  It’s easy to install the antenna … Read more

Sirius XM Radio Car Dash Mounts

When Sirius and XM Radio was first introduced over ten years ago, the default mounting location was the windshield.  Why?  Because that is what was included with the radio when it was purchased.  Seemed to make sense as the radio received signals from a satellite and the radio could see it if in the windshield.  Never mind it was really the antenna that received the signal.  Windshields and satellite radio just seemed to go well together.  Today there are a lot of other locations and one of the most popular is the dash.  Now let’s discuss the topic of Sirius XM … Read more

SiriusXM Onyx Plus with Vehicle Kit Product Spotlight

The SiriusXM Onyx Plus with Vehicle Kit includes everything you need to get started with satellite radio in your car.  The kit includes the radio unit, antenna, car charger, stereo cable, docking station and a few car mounts.  It’s everything except the subscription.  Speaking of the subscription, be sure to review our article to Lower Your Sirius XM Subscription Price before signing up.  You can save a substantial amount off the subscription price if you know about all the discount programs before calling for activation.  Wish I wrote that article years ago, because I unfortunately paid full price for a real long … Read more

How to Choose the Right Sirius Satellite Radio Model

I have been a fan of satellite radio since the beginning.  In fact, it’s how I became an expert in the field of mounting.  That’s a photo of my first satellite radio that’s next to this article.  It had a nice windshield mount that’s still in use today.  You can even see my old Garmin mount for a real old Streetpilot GPS.  This was one of the first satellite radios that was ever offered.  It was put out by Delphi and was called the Skyfi.  It was probably twice the size of today’s portable offerings.  Functionality wise, it had ten … Read more