Tablet Mounts for Back Seat Taxicab Passengers

Tablet Mounts for Back Seat Taxicab PassengersJust finished writing an article about mounts for taxi drivers, and we’re on a roll so here’s our entry on mounts for taxicab passengers.

Why would a taxi owner want to do this?  Passenger convenience and better tips.  This is especially applicable to Uber and Lyft drivers.  Also for limo drivers.  It can be a long drive to the airport, why not watch a movie or something from NetFlix.  Your passengers could be especially grateful for this mount is they have small children.  You could provide your own tablet or have the passenger use their own.

If using your own tablet, put it in a case, and lock it in.  While most passengers are honest and will be thankful to have this form of entertainment available to them, some may want to take it with them.  Make it hard for them to do that.

There are two types of mounts that can be deployed for taxicab passengers.  The first type is those that attach to the headrest.  The second type is a bolt on flat surface mount.  The first part is the easiest to install put potentially easier to steal.  The bolt on type is more difficult to walk off with.

Let’s look at a few good mounts for a taxicab passenger in the back seat.

If providing your own tablet, consider the Arkon Locking Adjustable Tablet Mount with Key Lock. This mounting bundle includes a lockable cradle that opens to fit tablets with 7”-10” screen size, including an Apple iPad. It’s a lockable cradle with two keys. The metal mount has adjustment points at the base and cradle. The tablet can rotate into portrait or landscape. The base has four screw holes that are made for attachment to a flat surface. A determined thief can steal anything they like, but this isn’t as easy as most others.

To accommodate back seat taxicab passengers bringing their own device, look at the headrest.  Use a mount that’s easy to insert a tablet.  Also select a mount that will accept tablets of all sizes.  Safe to assume that passengers will use anything as small as a 7″ tablet and as large as a full size Apple iPad.

Most headrest mounts attach to one or two posts.  It’s a good place for a tablet because it keeps it at eye level and can be viewed by multiple passengers.  Some headrest mounts attach to the two posts and it’s tough to see it from any other seat beyond the one directly behind it.  A headrest mount that can extend towards the middle of the two seats is easiest to see by all taxicab passengers in the back seat.

That’s where the Arkon Center Extension Car Headrest Tablet Mount comes into play. It attaches to the two headrest posts of the driver. A metal arm extends towards the middle so that all back seat passengers have a view. The expandable cradle opens to accept tablets up to a full-sized Apple iPad with or without a case or skin.  The tablet rotates 360 degrees and can be angled towards either side.  The mount carries a two-year manufacturer warranty.

Hopefully these mounts will help increase your tips from your passengers.  For your phone or GPS, be sure to read our article for taxi cab driver mounts.