Truck Tablet and Smartphone Mounts for the ELD Mandate

The Electronic Logging Device rule also known as the ELD mandate will start being enforced on Dec. 18, 2017.  Fleets must implement ELD devices to log hours of service (also known as HOS).  Fleets and independent truckers can implement tablets and smartphones, following established Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requirements.  With that comes the need for some rugged truck mounts to hold the tablets and smartphones that are being used to meet the ELD mandate. We aren’t ELD mandate experts so cannot give advice on the applications required but can provide suggestions on good mounts for tablets and smartphones … Read more

TomTom Trucker 600 GPS Mounts

The TomTom Trucker 600 is made for truckers.  These compete nicely with the Garmin dezl trucker GPS lineup.  A lifetime traffic and map update subscription bundled with features unique to trucker use.  The TomTom Trucker 600 features customized routes for the vehicle type, size, weight, cargo and speed.  A nice sized 6 inch display makes it easy to see the maps.  The internal battery provides two hours of use without power. The TomTom Trucker 600 is sold primarily in the United States.  I believe it to be similar to the TomTom Trucker 6000 sold in Europe.  I would therefore believe the mount … Read more

Mounts for Peterbilt Trucks and Rigs

We spend a lot of time talking about phone, GPS and laptop mounts for cars and motorcycles.  Today, we go in the opposite direction and talk about mounts for Peterbilt trucks and rigs. This isn’t as easy as simply using a mount made for a car.  A Peterbilt truck is much larger.  The windshield is further from the driver.  The seats are higher.  Everything is a further reach.  We need to look at larger and heavier duty mounts. There are mounts available to hold almost anything.  From something as small as an Apple iPhone to as large as a full-sized … Read more

Phone, GPS and Tablet Mounts for a Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is as big pickup truck.  You might think that every mount would work on a Ford F-150.  Turns out not to be the case.  We take a look at how to mount a cell phone, tablet or GPS in a Ford F150. A photo of the interior of a Ford F-150 accompanies this article.  It’s a large interior with a nice big dash and a long reach to the windshield.  Normal horizontal vents and a long reach down to the cup holders.  So let’s see what’s going to work. For a cell phone, I like the vent mount best. … Read more

Truck and Rig Mounts for Garmin dezlCam LMTHD

Like the recently announced NuviCam, the Garmin dezlCam LMTHD seems like a great idea.  This GPS is made for truckers.  It includes custom truck routing for the size and weight of the truck and also gives you guidance to the nearest truck stop.  Combining a high quality high definition display GPS with a high resolution camera provides a lot of feature potential.  Garmin claims this device will be able to provide you with advanced features which cost thousands of dollars in many car models.  The camera paired with the 6″ GPS provides collision avoidance alerts if following too close to … Read more