How to Install a Car Seat Bolt Mount in Under Five Minutes

how to install a car seat bolt mountThis article is for those thinking about or have already purchased a car seat bolt mount.  Installation of anything in a car can be a daunting process.  Especially whenever it involves tools.  We’ll show you how to install a car seat bolt mount.

Car seat bolt mounts can be used to hold almost any device.  It’s a great place for installing devices that do not require constant viewing by the driver.  Devices such as satellite radio and tablets work well with a car seat bolt mount.  I’m not a fan of using a car seat bolt mount for GPS purposes as I have found it inconvenient to look down away from the windshield.  A car seat bolt mount can also be used for a phone, as long as it’s not being used as a GPS.

Car seat bolt mounts come in different lengths.  Most measure 18-22 inches in length.  I have used an 18 inch mount successfully in many cars and SUVs.  The 22 inch car seat bolt mount is most appropriate for larger SUVs and trucks.

Many car seat bolt mounts also come with different cradles and holders.  Most come with universal cradles to fit either a phone (small cradle) or a tablet (larger cradle).  Measure your device prior to selecting a mount to be sure the cradle will open wide enough.

Prior to purchasing a car seat bolt mount, make sure the seat bolt is accessible.  I recommend attaching the car seat bolt mount to the passenger seat bolt nearest the driver.  If you can see the bolt and can access it with pliers or a wrench, that’s a good indication this mount will work for you.  Be sure the bolt location is still accessible when the seat is in the forward and back position as well.  Don’t want to damage your car seat if someone pushes the seat all the way forward or back.

Now, let’s take a look at how to install a car seat bolt mount.

Most car seat bolt mounts come equipped with a claw at the end.  That claw is used to slip under the seat bolt.  The photo that accompanies this article shows a typical installation.

I like to start my installation by pushing the passenger seat back all the way.  That should provide the best exposure to the seat bolt.  I use a pair of pliers to loosen the seat bolt, but you can also use a wrench.  Just loosen it enough to fit the claw beneath the seat bolt.

The key to doing this job properly is to tighten the seat bolt with the pliers or wrench.  Whenever I hear about the car seat bolt mount flopping sideways when in use, I ask if the bolt was hand tightened.  The answer is always yes.  Don’t do that.  Use your tool to tighten the bolt as tight as you can get it.  That will keep the car seat bolt mount from flopping side to side.

That’s it.  You just installed you car seat bolt mount.  Now get the passenger seat back to where it is normally positioned.  Position the car seat bolt mount so that you the driver can access the device without it getting in the way of the passenger.  This entire installation shouldn’t take more than five minutes.

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