Wheelchair Apple iPad Mounts and Holders

I recently had to visit a patient in a rehabilitation center and noted several residents with an Apple iPad and other tablets on their laps.  I suspect this isn’t the greatest arrangement for them and the tablet often gets lost or drops off their laps.  So based on this, I decided to write this article to recommend some wheelchair Apple iPad mounts. Although there are a few exceptions, most wheelchairs are built similarly.  They are constructed of metal circular bars with padding added to the armrest.  The diameter of the round bars are typically in the .75 to 1.25 inch … Read more

Spigen Tough Armor iPad Mini 4 Case Hands On Review

I always tell people to buy a case for their tablets and smartphones.  Drop it on a hardwood or ceramic tile floor and you will find out the hard way.  My old iPad Mini bit the dust so it was time for an upgrade.  The added protection of the Spigen Tough Armor iPad Mini 4 Case is a welcome upgrade that will likely save my butt from expensive repairs. A small investment in a good quality case will pay for itself many times over.  I can’t begin to tell you how many times I hear horror stories from people who … Read more

Apple iPad Marine Mount Options for Boaters

While I haven’t seen any official statistics yet, I’m fairly certain the integration of mapping and GPS functions into tablets has likely made a dent into the sale of traditional chartplotters and marine GPS units.  Today we look at Apple iPad marine mount options for your vessel. An important decision that needs to be finalized before selecting your Apple iPad marine mount is where you wish to place the tablet.  There are mounts for almost anywhere.  You probably want to keep your Apple iPad somewhere sheltered to keep it dry.  While the mounts might be waterproof, the Apple iPad is … Read more

Car and Motorcycle Mounts for the Apple iPad Mini 4

Release September 9, 2015, the Apple iPad Mini 4 is Apple’s latest generation in their very successful mid-size tablet category.  The iPad Mini 4 has some nice performance improvements versus the Mini 3.  The 1.5 GHz dual-core processor is 30% faster than the prior model.  The graphics processor got a 60% performance boost.  The back camera is better too at 8 MP versus prior versions at 5 MP.  The front camera, typically used for Facetime retains the same 1.2 MP still and at 720p on video.  The Wi-Fi supports some new protocols and now supports up to 860 Mbps which … Read more

Car and Motorcycle Mounts for the Apple iPad Mini, iPad Mini Retina, iPad Mini 3

I recently read that over 200 million Apple iPad Mini units have been sold.  The number is staggering when you think that at $300 each, this represents $60 billion in total sales and it doesn’t even include the iPad 3 numbers.  Hopefully this article will provide you 200 million owners with some sound advice for mounting your iPad Mini. Assuming you are looking to mount your Apple iPad Mini in the car (we talk about mounting an iPad Mini in other vehicles in later articles).  There are many locations that may prove suitable for your device.  You first need to … Read more