Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case Comparison: Otterbox versus Spigen versus Supcase

Otterbox versus Spigen versus SupcaseThe selection of a good case can save many hundreds of dollars in repair bills.  After moving to a new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, I wanted to be sure this thing wasn’t going to break with the first drop.  So I took a look at three of the leading cases which were Otterbox versus Spigen versus Supcase.

I took a look at three of the leading cases for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.  Unlike a lot of “Best Case” reviews you will see around the internet, this is a real hands on review of three top cases.  I used each for at least two days before making the final decision.

The three cases are in the photo that accompanies this article.  The Otterbox and Supcase come with a holster which I didn’t include in the photo since it’s a comparison of the cases.

Let’s get to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge case comparison.  It’s Otterbox versus Spigen versus Supcase.

Otterbox Defender

The one in the middle was my eventual winner.  That’s the Otterbox Defender for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.  This Otterbox Defender case has four layers of protection.  The phone sits within a rigid shell that has a foam cushion.  The rigid case features an integrated screen protector and is the only case of the three to have this feature.  The screen protector is molded specifically to accommodate the beveled Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge display.  The display remained responsive with the case attached albeit with slightly diminished sensitivity.

A rubberized cover surrounds the rigid case.  This is what adds some additional bulk to the setup.  The case adds protection but also makes it easier to grip the phone.  A textured back feels good to the touch.  Raised edges for pronounced for the power and volume buttons.  There are cutouts and flaps for all ports.

The front screen protector leaves the home button exposed so fingerprint authentication functions just fine.  The screen protector also has cutouts for the front facing camera and sensors.  It will be interesting to see if dust gets within over extended use but I haven’t encountered any yet.

A more complete review of the Otterbox Defender for Samsung Galaxy S7 can be read here.

Supcase Beetle Pro

Going back to the photo with this article, to the left is the Supcase Beetle Pro for Samsung Galaxy S7.  This case consists of two parts.  An inner frame surrounds the front of the phone.  A bit unusual.  Think of it as a picture frame.  Unlike the Otterbox, it’s not a plastic case that will encase the entire phone.  It’s a rectangular picture frame that only surrounds the edges of the phone.

That frame fits over the phone which is then inserted into what I will call a hybrid hardened rubberized case.  The rubberized case protects the back of the phone as well as the outer edges of the phone and frame.  The outer rubberized shell is the stiffest of the three.  Getting this onto the phone with the frame was a bit difficult.

Cutouts with flaps for all ports are present.  There are raised edges for the power and volume buttons.

The Supcase Beetle Pro for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has no integrated screen protector.  If protecting the screen is important, look towards an external screen protector such as the Armorsuit MilitaryShield Samsung Galaxy S7 Screen Protector.  That particular screen protector works fine with a case (not all do) albeit thinner than what is included with the Otterbox Defender.

The case feels solid in the hand.  It’s about as bulky as the Otterbox Defender and certainly more so than the Spigen.

Overall I was impressed with the Supcase entry and would have considered this as my everyday case if it had some screen protection.  I would definitely recommend this for a different model phone as I see some of their cases do include an integrated screen protector, but not for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.  I’ll be keeping my eye on Supcase.

Spigen Touch Armor

The Spigen Tough Armor for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the case to the far right.  It’s the thinnest and most stylish of the three.  There’s even an integrated kickstand on the back that can be used to prop up the phone for watching video.

Unlike the other cases, this is a one piece case that is a mix of rubberized and plastic material.  It’s the thinnest of the three compared.  The case is easiest and quickest of all three to put on and take off.

There are raised edges at the top and bottom of the case.  There are no raised edges at the sides leaving more exposure versus the other two cases.  If the phone is dropped on the edge of a table, the glass display is exposed to direct impact.

The phone was just ok to hold within the Spigen Tough Armor case.  My hands were constantly touching the side of the phone causing things to pop up and open unexpectedly.  If holding the case from the sides, and your fingers are on the larger side, it will take some getting used to.  I suppose that’s part of the trade off for a slim case profile.

The case just wasn’t for me.  I prefer protection over style and form factor.

The Final Verdict

So when it came down to Otterbox versus Spigen versus Supcase, I chose the Otterbox Defender for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to protect the phone.  There were several reasons:

  1. The inclusion of an integrated screen protector was important to me.  It’s a heavier screen protector than what I could add externally while using the Spigen or Supcase.  Using a tempered glass screen protector might offer better protection but I can’t see how that would fit with a case.
  2. In my opinion, the Otterbox Defender provides better protection.  There are two complete covers for the phone.  The hard case covers the entire back and all sides of the phone as does the soft case.  The Supcase, while a well made case, doesn’t appear to protect the phone as well using the frame.  Just my opinion.
  3. I have used the Otterbox Defender with several of my prior phones and had excellent results.  If the other two cases do not appear to be materially better, why switch?

So why would you bother with the Supcase Beetle Pro or Spigen Tough Armor for Samsung Galaxy S7?

  1. Both are much less expensive versus the Otterbox Defender.  Even after adding in some additional spend for a screen protector, you’re likely coming in at less money than an Otterbox Defender.
  2. The Spigen Tough Armor case adds much less bulk versus the Otterbox Defender.  Those wanting to retain the slim form factor of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge should consider the Spigen Tough Armor.

For me, protection is the most important thing.  The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is all glass.  Front and back.  I want the best protection all around.  Otterbox versus Spigen is an easy decision for me as I don’t mind the added bulk and actually prefer it.  When it comes to Otterbox Defender versus Supcase Beetle Pro, the integrated screen protector made the most difference.  If comparing the Supcase Beetle Pro versus Spigen Tough Armor, I would personally opt for the Supcase entry due to what I perceive as a thicker case hence better protection.