Car and Motorcycle Mounts for the Apple iPad Mini, iPad Mini Retina, iPad Mini 3

Arkon Headrest Mount for Apple iPad MiniI recently read that over 200 million Apple iPad Mini units have been sold.  The number is staggering when you think that at $300 each, this represents $60 billion in total sales and it doesn’t even include the iPad 3 numbers.  Hopefully this article will provide you 200 million owners with some sound advice for mounting your iPad Mini.

Assuming you are looking to mount your Apple iPad Mini in the car (we talk about mounting an iPad Mini in other vehicles in later articles).  There are many locations that may prove suitable for your device.  You first need to figure out what you plan to use it for.  Many like to use their Apple iPad Mini for entertaining the kids.  The best location for your Mini is the headrest as it puts your tablet far enough away so your kids can’t grab it yet close enough so that they can comfortably view it.  The Mini is great for playing cartoons and videos and the Arkon Headrest Mount for Small and Midsized Tablets is a great choice.  Using a universal cradle, the Mini is very easy to install and remove.

If wanting to use your Apple iPad Mini for navigation, consider using Waze as your app.  Take a look at our Waze review article.  The Apple iPad Mini is small enough so that you can potentially attach it to your windshield using a suction mount and not block a substantial part of your view.  Be sure to purchase a good quality suction mount featuring a vacuum lock suction that is at least three inches wide or greater.  You don’t want your Apple iPad Mini falling off the windshield and it’s somewhat heavier than a GPS or phone, so invest a few extra dollars to get a better mount.  A favorite that I have used in the past is the suction mount made by RAM which features a metal mount with a universal cradle.  Attaching to your windshield is legal is most states, but there’s a few that don’t allow it so check your local laws before buying a windshield mount.

If you happen to live in one of those states where attachment to your windshield is against the law, or you would just rather attach it elsewhere, there are some other locations to attach your mount.  If your vents have horizontal mounts, and you don’t mind blocking a few, a vent mount may work well when paired with a universal cradle.  Also available, but a bit out of the direct view are seat bolt mounts which we wrote about in another article.  Buy a seat bolt mount that’s at least 22 inches in length so you do not have to look down too far.  We have used and recommend the Arkon 22″ seat bolt mount which is well made and inexpensive.  Another option is a cup holder, but be sure there is adequate clearance between the cup holder and the stick shift as we hear some dissatisfaction from those that don’t think about that limitation prior to purchase.

You will see some Apple iPad Mini mounts with custom cradles available.  We do not recommend custom cradles for tablets.  Most will use cases or skins and the custom cradles will not fit at all.  Also, when you purchase the next generation of iPad Mini, or another tablet, you will need to purchase another mount since the custom cradle will no longer fit.  A good universal cradle will ensure that your mount can be used for your upgraded future tablet too.