Alternative Mounts for the Canary Flex Camera

Alternative Mounts for the Canary FlexThe Canary Flex was recently introduced as the outdoor solution for Canary fans.  A photo of the Canary Flex accompanies this article and it’s using the magnetic mount that comes with the camera.  That’s exactly what you get in the box with the Canary Flex.

The magnetic mount is excellent and very strong.  The Canary Flex attaches very securely to the mount.  The camera can be fully swiveled to get the best angle.  Canary did a nice job on this mount.

Unlike their first generation of home security camera called the Canary All-in-One Home Security System, this is made to use outdoors.  Canary must have given a lot of thought to how consumers will use this camera.  That’s part of why they provide an alternate way to mount this camera.  There’s a standard 1/4″ – 20 threaded screw hole at the bottom.  That’s perfect for mounts that support the standard tripod pattern.

So why would you want a different mount?  The included mount is very good but somewhat limited in terms of where it can attach.  You might want to attach the Canary Flex somewhere the stock mount won’t go.  Another reason would be that you wish the mount to be temporary.  Keep in mind the included stock mount is permanent.  While you can easily remove the camera, the mount is permanently attached to the flat surface.

The selection of an alternative mount requires some thought prior to selection.  Think about where the power will come from as that can limit the mounting locations.  Also consider availability of the desired view.  Ensure the 116 degree field of view captures what you need to see from the chosen location.

The folks from Canary came out with their own line of mounts for the Canary Flex.  That’s unusual.  Typically home security camera manufacturers stick to what they do best which is to make cameras.  They do not typically market a line of mounts.  In this case, they came out with several real nice options that extend the usability of the camera.

So, let’s look at some mounts and tripods for the Canary Flex.

First up is the Canary Flex Twist Mount.  The mount is perfect for temporarily mounting the Canary Flex.  The flexible legs wrap around or hang from an object.  The Canary Flex inserts into a waterproof silicone sleeve.  The mount and camera are weatherproof.  The Flex Mount comes in a variety of colors but I’m thinking the same color as the camera might look best.

The Canary Flex Secure Mount is another good one from Canary.  It’s very easy to install and remove the camera from the mount that comes with the Canary Flex.  That means it’s easy for you and anyone else to remove the camera.  That includes bad guys.  Keep your camera secure with this mount.  This mount uses security screws to attach to a wall or any flat surface.  The Canary Flex then screws onto the mount.  A ball joint facilitates angle adjustment.  This mount requires a drill and a screwdriver to install.

A unique mount is the Canary Flex Stake Mount.  This is a great idea and I’m surprised other home security camera manufacturers haven’t thought of this one.  It’s great for hiding your camera.  The camera attaches to the top of the black Stake Mount.  You then insert the stake into the soil.  Stick in a planter or a flower bed for some stealth monitoring.

The last mount we’ll discuss is the only one not made by Canary.  The Arkon Camera Wall Mount for CCTV POV Camcorders Cameras will attach to the bottom of the Canary Flex.  Using the standard tripod screw hole, simply screw it onto the mount.  This is a wall mount.  Attach this metal mount to a wall and use the three adjustment points to get the proper angle.

Any of these four mounts will work well and make your Canary Flex even more versatile.