Quad Lock Mounting System and Case Overview

Quad Lock Bike MountQuad Lock Mounting Systems by Annex Products have some very unique design elements which I wanted to take some time to cover.  This article will provide an overview of their smartphone mounting system and some examples of where these can best be utilized.

The mounting system starts with the Quad Lock Custom Case which has an adapter built onto the back.  They make custom cases for the most popular phones from Apple and Samsung.  These cases are somewhat reminiscent of an Otterbox Symmetry.  These cases do not include a screen protector and are made of a one piece poly-carbonate material which has been known to provide adequate protection for everyday casual use.  The reverse has what is called a Quad Lock interface which is used to attach tone of a variety of Quad Lock mounts.  The absence of a screen protector isn’t a complete show stopper for me, but I always prefer to have protection on my display.  For those that prefer screen protection (like me), you can supplement this case with an inexpensive screen protector which attaches directly to the screen if you like.

There are mounts that are marketed for cars, bikes, runners and what they call life which is a miscellaneous category.  Each mount has a common Quad Lock adapter.  The case locks onto that adapter by pressing it onto the mount and twisting it to a locking position.  Kind of like many of the magnetic mounts without the magnet.  No expandable cradles.  Nothing to grab it from the sides.  It’s a twist and go solution.

The Quad Lock Bike Mount Kit is a great example of how this works and that’s what is in the photo that accompanies this article.  This mount kit includes the Quad Lock cradle and mount bundled together.  The mount fits handlebars and stems from 1 – 1.5 inches (25 to 40mm) in diameter.  The mount is attached using supplied zip ties and if need it to fit larger diameters, you can purchase longer zip ties at a hardware store.  Zip tie mounts are easy to attach but are somewhat permanent in that once you have it on, it doesn’t come off without cutting the zip tie.  Fortunately the zip ties are very inexpensive and chances are once you have the mount in place, you will leave it there so it won’t be too much of an issue.  The Quad Lock custom case attaches to the bike mount with a twist and can be removed with a twist.  So take your phone and case with you, and leave the mount where it is.

In the car, use the Annex Quad Lock Universal Car Mount with Industrial Strength Suction Cup.  This is a dual purpose mount that can attach to your windshield car dash as they include a smooth adhesive plate that the suction cup can attach to.  The adhesive plate is good in states where it might be illegal to attach to the windshield.  The Quad Lock case is going to attach to this mount just like the bike mount.  Just push it on and twist.  The suction cup mount is made of a rigid material so this is going to minimize any vibration effect.  The mount will permit a 360 degree swivel to get your smartphone into portrait or landscape mode.

The Annex Quad Lock Sports Armband allow use of the Quad Lock case for jogging or use in the gym.  The armband is your basic stretchy one so it’s going to fit almost anyone’s bicep.  Like the other two mounts we already discusses, this has the Quad Lock adapter so that your phone can easily be attached to the sports armband.  Once attached, you can interface with your favorite activity tracking app.  When done working out, simply twist and remove the Quad Lock case and put your phone back into your pocket.

The concept is a pretty simple one but at the same time very unique.  Your smartphone resides in a protective case and you never have to remove it regardless of the activity you are engaged in.  It’s easy to install into any of the Quad Lock mounting accessories and just as simple to remove.

The Quad Lock cases are available for the Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.  Also available for Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4.   They also offer a universal Quad Lock adapter that attaches to your smartphone using 3M adhesive.  I haven’t found too many people willing to tape a mount to the back of their expensive phone, but it’s available to those that would like that option.  While I wouldn’t tape one of these to the back of my Apple iPhone 6s Plus, I would attach it to the back of my inexpensive Garmin Nuvi GPS as this is a great idea for a Garmin Nuvi or Garmin Drive GPS.

In addition to the mounts already detailed in this article, there are a few others including some adhesive options that will work on a dashboard or any clean smooth flat surface.  They also offer a belt clip option which has the Quad Lock adapter built-in.

I like this concept and think they have a great idea that can be leveraged across other devices such as a small tablet or even a GPS.