Mounting a Phone or Tablet on a Planet Fitness Stair Stepper

Planet Fitness stair stepperA Planet Fitness stair stepper is a grueling machine only intended for very serious workouts or punishing those that commit crimes.  After five minutes of using a Planet Fitness

As we pointed out in our article on mounts for the Planet Fitness recumbent bike, there are about twenty televisions to watch but you might not want to watch these while enduring your painful workout.  Most Planet Fitness locations have great WiFi.  Perhaps you want to watch YouTube or a podcast.  Maybe listen to Pandora.

A photo of a Planet Fitness stair stepper accompanies this article.  We have been to three Planet Fitness locations and they all look like this but check your particular club.  These are typically sandwiched between what appears to be 7,000 treadmills.

There’s a small shelf built into the display.  Go ahead and place your phone and tablet on it.  It blocks the display.  Like most Planet Fitness equipment, a Planet Fitness stair stepper has a custom phone holder.  Not sure who designed the holder, but good luck finding a phone that will fit inside it.

There appears to be two locations to mount a phone or tablet on a Planet Fitness stair stepper.  Most obvious place might be the handlebars doubling as a rail.  The issue is it might get in the way of your workout as it could block the rails if you need to hold on.

The best place for mounting as phone or tablet on a Planet Fitness stair stepper is one of those cup holders located near the display.  There are two so use one for your water bottle, the other for a cup holder mount.

Ironically, there are many phone and tablet mounts made for use in a car.  Well, it turns out the cup holder diameter on a Planet Fitness stair stepper isn’t a lot different versus the one in your car.

We need mounts that can be easily and quickly installed and removed.  Making a quick getaway after your workout is vital in a Planet Fitness.  Don’t want to get stared at as you work with tools to remove the mount.  So we’re going to recommend mounts that do not require tools and are easy to install and remove.  We also will recommend cup holder mounts that have an extension for ease in viewing your device.

Consider the iKross Tablet and Cell Phone Cup Holder Mount.  There are a few nice advantages with this mount.  It has two cradles.  One will fit a tablet and a smaller cradle to fit a phone.  The tablet mount expands from 7 to 10.2 inches.  If a case or skin is present then you will use the arms on the shorter dimension (landscape).  The cradle can swivel 360 degrees into either orientation.  The mount has a 10-inch arm that can be adjusted at the base and tip.  These fit cup holders to 3.75 inches.  It’s easy to install and remove on a Planet Fitness stair stepper cup holder.

For those that already have a good suction cup mount, perhaps for their car, there’s a solution too.  Consider Universal Adjustable Vehicle Cup Phone Holder Adapter with Suction Mount Surface by USA Gear.  A suction cup attaches to the top of this mount just like it would to a windshield.  This cup holder accessory can fit suction cups up to 3.4 inches across.  That is larger than most suction cup bases.  The adapter can expand from 2.5 to 3.75 inches.

The cup holder on a Planet Fitness stair stepper can be fairly wide.  If you find the fully extended width of your cup holder mount doesn’t quite touch the sides, add some foam or sponge to the expanding base to provide more width.  You can also place a towel within the cup holder then the mount inside it if a tighter fit is necessary.

An important note.  Don’t forget to take the mount with you after you’re done with the workout.  We have seen several people leave wallets and keys in the little cup holders on the equipment so be sure to take everything when you’re done!