Mounting a Phone or Tablet on a Planet Fitness Treadmill

A photo of some of what seems like 7,000 treadmills at Planet Fitness accompanies this article.  These are typical examples of a Planet Fitness treadmill.  These are some of the most boring pieces of exercise equipment in existence.  Entertainment options are required. Sure you could view one of the 20+ televisions and could listen to the audio by plugging a 3.5 mm headset into the little hole on the bottom of the display.  However, who’s walking around with a wired set of ear buds?  Better yet, is there anything on those 20+ televisions worth watching?  Perhaps, you want to watch … Read more

Mounting a Phone or Tablet on a Planet Fitness Elliptical Machine

Second only to treadmills, the Planet Fitness elliptical machine can be found by the dozens in the front row nearest the televisions.  You cannot beat an elliptical machine for a good cardio workout.  However, those workouts can get long and boring. The photo that accompanies this article is three of dozens of elliptical machines at Planet Fitness.  These are the elliptical machines currently rolling out to a Planet Fitness and likely similar to ones at other gyms. There’s a small cup holder beneath the display.  Depending upon the size of your phone, it may not fit.  Larger phones are unlikely but … Read more

Mounting a Phone or Tablet on a Planet Fitness Recumbent Bike

While there is nothing more boring than using a treadmill, a Planet Fitness recumbent bike is a close second.  In fact, it might be a tie. Sure, there are about twenty televisions to watch but that may not work out well for a few reasons.  First, is that you need a corded headset to plug into the Planet Fitness recumbent bike.  Pedaling a Planet Fitness recumbent bike can become a challenge with a cable hanging from the port under the display.  Additionally, and just as obvious, you might not want to watch television.  Perhaps you want to watch YouTube or a podcast. … Read more

Treadmill Mounts for an Apple iPad or Other Tablet

Treadmills might be one of the most boring machines I use at Planet Fitness.  Clearly, I’m no workout guru, heck, this is Planet Fitness.  But I know the benefits of a good cardio workout.  I also know the effects of boredom and non-working TVs at Planet Fitness.  hence, our article on treadmill mounts for an Apple iPad or other tablet. When working out at my local Planet Fitness, they have a bank of televisions.  Half don’t work, the other half are tuned into CNN or Fox News.  That just adds to the monotony of working out.  I need something entertaining. … Read more

Arkon ARMBAND6 Sports Armband for Large Phones Product Review

Today, we take a closer look at the Arkon ARMBAND6 sports armband for the largest phones available today.  These are marketed to fit a phones with a diagonal screen size of up to 6.3 inches.  These include models such as the Apple iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Mega, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (there are several others that are coming in this large these days).  However, when I was taking a closer look at this product, I also realized that these will fit smaller phones that are using big giant cases with some room to spare.  The phone … Read more

Using your iPhone, iPad or any Device while working out

It’s really amazing to think how times have changed.  Gone are the days of strapping a small TV to your belt to listen to music while working out.  While some may think of that as the good old days, I prefer my brand new iPhone 6.  Fitness apps built right in.  When I go to my local Planet Fitness, I can do everything from a custom workout guided by my iPhone to watching the Giants game on my iPhone because the guy next to me is watching a Sunday afternoon political program on TV number 7 (I would rather watch … Read more