Phone, GPS and Camera Mounts for Honda FourTrax ATVs

RAm Handlebar Mount for Garmin eTrex fits the Honda FourTrax ATVToday, we take a look at mounts for the Honda FourTrax line of ATVs.  The Honda FourTrax lineup spans a variety of models including the FourTrax Foreman Rubicon, FourTrax Foreman 4×4, FourTrax Rincon, FourTrax Rancher and several others from past years.  All are built similarly.

While the Honda FourTrax ATVs do not have a traditional motorcycle handlebar, I was surprised to find there are some similarities.  Between the brake controls and the fork where the controls are located is some spare handlebar space.  That space is difficult to find on any ATV, but it’s here on the FourTrax.  This is the best place to mount a phone, GPS or camera.  There aren’t any roll bars or anywhere else that’s easy to use as install point so it’s gratifying to see this small spot on the handlebar.

So we’re going to stick to recommending good handlebar mounts that can attach to the small part of real estate found on the FourTrax handlebar.  The holder or cradle is going to need to be heavy duty.  Nothing that can easily separate to release your phone or GPS as a flying object.  We also going to stick with a single manufacturer when it comes to a Honda FourTrax and that’s going to be RAM Mounts.  RAM makes rugged mounts that hold up well in off-road environments.

First, if you have plans to use your smartphone on any ATV, use a rugged heavy duty case.  I am a big fan of the Otterbox Defender, but there are a few other brands like LifeProof that will protect your phone real well.  Sure, it might cost a little money, but it’s a lot less than replacing your phone because a rock hit it on an ATV ride.

The most secure means of securing your smartphone is by using the RAM Finger Grip Holder.  The cradle features three sets of support arms that can hold phones as large as 3.5 inches wide which means that most cases will fit too.  It’s spring-loaded and can be used in rugged environments.  RAM couples this holder as part of the RAM Handlebar Rail Mount and Universal Finger-Grip Holder.  This mount includes the RAM U-bolt base to fit handlebar up to 1.25 inches diameter.  There is an included three-inch arm which is long enough to extend the item above the controls on the handlebar.  The mount itself is all metal, the holder is metal and plastic.  All come with a lifetime warranty.

A GPS can also be attached to a Honda FourTrax ATV.  When it comes to a GPS on any ATV, I like to use a cradle custom-made for the GPS model.  Our recommendation varies with the model GPS but you can start with the RAM Handlebar Rail Mount then add your custom cradle.  For example, a popular GPS for use on an ATV is the Garmin eTrex 10 20 or 30 and there are custom cradles available for these.  RAM often combines these with the handlebar mount to save you some money which what they have done with the RAM Mounts Handlebar Rail Mount for Garmin Etrex 10 20 and 30.  The GPS snaps right into the custom cradle for a secure hold.

A lot of ATV riders like to use an action camera such as those made by GoPro to video the ride.  The RAM Handlebar Rail Mount for GoPro Cameras combines the same handlebar mount with a custom GoPro adapter.  The adapter fits the grooves on the bottom of the weatherproof case.  The mount has adjustment points at the base and adapter so you can move it around to get the best angle.

These are just some of the ideas to get you started.  RAM makes great mounts and ATV’s are typically used off-road hence the recommendation to go with RAM.  Avoid cheap plastic mounts, suction cups and adhesive when off-road.  While you may be able to use some of these on motorcycles on highways, they may fare poorly off-road.  You don’t want your device to go sailing into the air because the mount didn’t hold it properly so spending a little extra for a good quality mount is worth the investment when off-road.  We always recommend using a tether whenever possible for added safety.