Mounts for Uniden BCD436HP HomePatrol Handheld Scanner

Clip Mount for a BCD436HPUniden continues to expand their very popular HomePatrol line with the Uniden Handheld BCD436HP scanner.  I remember when a scanner meant having a book of frequencies to key in so that you could find the traffic of interest to you.  Things have changed radically and like the tabletop Uniden HomePatrol-1 and HomePatrol-II Scanner,  just key in your zip code, select the traffic type you wish to hear and the radio finds the stations by itself.  It’s that easy.  Up and running in minutes.

The scanner sports a very reasonable size given the capabilities.  The size is important when selecting a mount.  The unit measures 2.8″ wide x 6.3″ high x 1.5″ deep – this does not include the antenna.  The weight is 12.3 ounces.  There is a rear clip on the back which you will likely remove for mounting so that the flat back can rest flush against the front of the mounting cradle.  In fact, as I think about it, take it off even if you aren’t using a mount.  I’m just not a fan of hanging a radio, GPS or phone from your belt.  It’s not comfortable and a pain to access when you need it.

To make it flat, you’re also going to need to remove the button for the clip, although a few mounting solutions will utilize the button.  Similar to a microphone, you can use that button to hang the BCD436HP.

Let’s discuss mounts.  Decide where you want to mount it.  If it’s a car, take a look around to figure out where a 6.3″ high radio would fit best (and remember to add the antenna to make this about one foot high).  We don’t recommend turning the knobs or pushing the buttons while driving, but you will likely want it in a location where it’s somewhat easy to see the display for the scanner action.  There aren’t any custom mounts for this radio model and not just any mount will fit it.  You might be inclined to use a phone mount but it’s unlikely to fit well because of the 1.25 inch depth and added weight.  A cradle is needed that is at least 1.5 inches deep.  There aren’t many out there this deep.

The RAM Finger-Grip Holder is probably the best solution out there for handheld scanners with this kind of weight and depth.  This is one of RAM’s specialty cradles.  It gets the job done.  There are three sets of fingers with this universal cradle kit.  The BCD436HP will require use of the longest fingers which are 1.6″ deep.  They will handle radios that are from 2.25″ – 3.5″ wide – so the 2.8″ BCD436HP will fit fine.  The top of the Finger Grip Holder can be removed to accommodate the height of the radio.

You can couple the Finger Grip Holder with a RAM 18″ Seat Bolt Mount to attach the radio to your car’s passenger seat.  This is one of my favorite locations for a radio because the height of the mount places the radio right around the same area that your car radio would be.  When the mount isn’t in use, simply bend it out of the way.  Attachment is a 5-minute exercise, assuming the seat bolt is easily accessed.  Just be sure to use a wrench or pliers because the key to making this mount work is to wrench tighten the seat bolt after tucking the mounting claw underneath.

The RAM Finger Grip Suction Cup Mount is a well made accessory but you need to ensure that sufficient clearance exists when you have the radio with antenna within the mount.  The mount has a 3-inch metal arm in the middle with adjustment points at the base and tip.  The suction cup has a vacuum lock to ensure it’s a good attachment but always make sure to clean the windshield thoroughly before attaching the mount.

Remember the earlier statement about the button on the back?  Use it with a Microphone Hangup Clip.  They are inexpensive and simple to use.  Only caveat is you need to be willing to screw a few holes in your dash.  Hang the BCD436HP directly onto the hangup clip.  A photo of one of these clips accompanies this article.