Mounting Uniden HomePatrol-1 and HomePatrol-2 in the Car

Cradle for Mounting Uniden HomePatrol-1 and HomePatrol-2 in the CarI remember when a scanner meant having a book of frequencies to key in so that you could find the traffic of interest to you.  Things have changed radically with the Uniden HomePatrol-1 and HomePatrol-II Scanner.  Just key in your zip code, select the traffic type you wish to hear and the radio finds the stations by itself.  It’s that easy.  Up and running in minutes.

One thing that Uniden did not realize until after these radios were out for a bit is that people would like to use it in their cars.  Fortunately they listened to their customers and came out with the Uniden HomePatrol Custom Cradle.  The cradle that Uniden offers allows your HomePatrol to snap quite tightly into the holder.   This cradle holds your unit firmly and has two mounting holes on the back that conform to the industry standard AMPS pattern.  The cradle comes with two screws and tightening nuts to attach to a mount.  The distance between these two holes is 1.9 inches between the centers.  There are a lot of 4-hole AMPS pattern that will fit these cradles but the best fit is going to come from a RAM Mount that has custom fittings for the 2-hole pattern.  We will take a look at a few options in this article.

There are many mounts that fit the AMPS pattern.  You may find mounts that have four holes instead of the two shown, but you can use them by diagonally aligning the corner holes on the back of the mount with the two holes on the cradle.  You will also find at least one manufacturer that makes mounts that just use the two holes for a perfect fit.  The manufacturer is RAM Mounts out of Washington and their mounts are well made and typically come with a lifetime warranty which they administer directly.

This radio is not light as it weighs in at several pounds.  If you purchase a suction cup mount for your car windshield, get one that has a suction cup size of at least three inches across and has a vacuum lock.  If you would like to mount this on your windshield, use the RAM Suction Cup Mount.  This mount includes a 3.3 inch suction cup with a twist lock, three-inch metal arm and has that diamond-shaped pattern that lines up with the Uniden cradle perfectly.  Everything on this mount is made of metal except the suction assembly.  You can pivot and swivel the mount at the base and tip to get the best angle.  It comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer so it’s likely to outlast the radio.

The radio can also be mounted on a flat surface using the RAM Flat Surface Mount.  This mount also includes the three-inch arm.  There is a ball and socket at the base and the tip so you can articulate it to a convenient position.  Like the prior mount, you can pivot and swivel at the base and the tip.  You will need to add your own mounting bolts and be aware that you will need to make some holes to use this as it isn’t one of those adhesive varieties.  It’s a great sturdy mount that will not vibrate.  This is an all metal mount with a lifetime warranty.

Because of the weight and size, you may find that a seat bolt mount might be a better choice.  Select a seat bolt mount that is at least 18 inches high as you will want to ensure that the radio will extend above the passenger seat.  In SUVs or similarly sized vehicles, you might even want to select a 22 inch or higher mount.  The longer length will permit you to bend the mount and device aside when you have a passenger riding in your car.  The RAM Seat Bolt Mount places the radio at a nice location and will not block your view of the road, solidly made and stands 18″.  This is probably my favorite mount for a radio.  It keeps it at the same height as your car’s FM radio and you can bend it out of the way when not in use.  It’s not so large that it would get in the way of the passenger so this is definitely a good choice if you can access the seat bolt in your car (check that first).

Although there are other AMPS mounts made to fit alternative locations, I do not recommend it as the weight of the HomePatrol as well as the bulky size will make you wish you purchased a suction or seat bolt mount.  Nothing worse than having your mount fall off within a mile of installing it at your house.  In addition, the HomePatrol cradle uses the 2-hole AMPS pattern instead of the typical 4-hole.  The mount attachment to the cradle will look a lot cleaner using the mounts recommended in this article.

Once installed in your car, powering the unit is fairly easy as you can use the included DC power outlet and plug it into the power outlet of your car.