Mounts for Polaris ATVs

Today, we take a look at mounts for Polaris ATVs.  Polaris model such as the Ranger and RZR present unique challenges in finding the right mounts for cameras, cell phones or GPS units.  Depending upon which model from Polaris you may have, traditional motorcycle mounts aren’t likely to work and neither will an ordinary car mount.  The reason for traditional motorcycle mounts not working is that the vast majority of bikes deploy a handlebar mount that fits up to 1.25 inches in diameter.  Polaris ATVs do not have a traditional handlebar.  Time to get creative.  Luckily we know of a few options which we will discuss within this article.

The roll bar is a great place to mount almost anything because it doesn’t require drilling any holes and is easy to access.  The RAM Rail Base with Zinc Coated U-Bolt, ATV/UTV Strap & 1″” Ball for Rails to 3.15″” in Diameter is a good start.  This mounting base features a strap similar to a pipe clamp.  The mount base comes with a rubber strip to protect marring your handlebar.  This mount attaches by fitting the it around any circular surface then tightening the bolt for a firm hold.  This is the RAM base with a standard 1″ rubber ball.  We are going to recommend RAM exclusively within this article because of their ability to handle rugged environments most effectively.  Those unfamiliar with RAM can read our overview of their mounting system here.  All mounts will use the 1″ ball design so the components that we suggest are interchangeable with the same mounting base.

Those looking to mount a GoPro to a Polaris roll bar can consider RAM Mount GoPro Hero ATV/UTV Strap Clamp Roll Bar Mount.  This mount has a custom fitting for the bottom of the weatherproof GoPro case.  There is a metal arm between the clamp base described in the prior paragraph and the GoPro custom adapter.  The mount can be adjusted at the base and the adapter for an almost infinite number of angles.  A similar all purpose camera mount is the RAM Mounts U-Bolt Atv Utv Strap Camera Mount.  This mount has the same wide strap base with a standard 1/4″ – 20 threaded camera tripod screw on it.  If your camera has a tripod attachment screw hole on the bottom.  This is the mount that you need.  I especially appreciate the small metal platform to add support for the camera.  Both of these mounts are made of metal and carry a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Those looking to attach a smartphone to a Polaris consider the Ram Mount Cradle Holder for Universal X-Grip Cellphone/iPhone with 1-Inch Ball as an addition to the base mounting system.  We are big fans of this series of cradles and wrote a very detailed overview which you can read here.  There are a variety of sizes available from a basic smartphone all the way up to a full size tablet.  While I would not recommend attaching a tablet to any ATV, the smartphone cradles should work well on your Polaris.

There are other devices that can be attached to these mounting systems including a GPS.  RAM makes a large number of customer GPS cradles that will attach to these mounting systems.  There are dozens of custom cradles that RAM makes to fit the 1″ ball mounting system.

There are other ways to attach devices to a Polaris.  The Ram Mount 1-Inch Ball Connected to A 3/8-Inch 16 Threaded Post is a good base for those that don’t mind adding a hole somewhere on their ATV.  Add a Ram Mount Double Socket Arm to the threaded post and one of the X-Grip cradles we just discussed in the prior paragraph to complete your smartphone mount.

These are just some of the ideas to get you started.  You may have noticed we concentrated on RAM Mounts in this article.  They make the best mounts for rugged use.  All components are made of metal and carry a lifetime warranty.  They make great mounts and ATV’s are typically used off road hence the recommendation to go with RAM.  Avoid cheap plastic mounts, suction cups and adhesive when off road.  While you may be able to use some of these on motorcycles on highways, they may fare poorly off road.  You don’t want your device to go sailing into the air because the mount didn’t hold it properly so spending a little extra for a good quality mount is worth the investment when off road.  We always recommend using a tether whenever possible for added safety.  You can read about tethers here.