Mounting a Tablet Under a Kitchen Cabinet

Mounting a Tablet Under a Kitchen CabinetThere are a lot of reasons to mount a tablet under a kitchen cabinet. The tablet is a life altering device and you really don’t notice the effects until you sit back and look at how you did things ten years ago versus how you do it now.

I was recently cooking dinner using a recipe from my favorite cooking site  Had my tablet out on the counter where I promptly coated the majority of the lens with flour.  Had I used a tablet mount, the device would have been elevated out-of-the-way and at eye level, not to mention not covered with flour.  Another use for the mount is video.  Most cooking sites have videos of someone way better than me making the dish that I’m trying to create.  Also, my cable provider provides their full cable lineup on their app.  So watching video while waiting for the water to boil is possible with the tablet in the mount.  Those are the two main uses for a tablet in the kitchen, but you can also use it as a timer or to video chat while in the kitchen.  Point is that it works a lot better mounted at eye level versus laying flat on the counter.

The best place to mount a tablet is the wall or under the kitchen cabinet.  Today, we are taking about mounting the tablet under the kitchen cabinet.

The Arkon Heavy-Duty Aluminum Wall or Flat Surface Tablet Mount is a solid metal mount with an expandable tablet cradle.  This cradle is spring-loaded with two sets of four arms which expands large enough to hold tablet as small as an Apple Air to the larger Apple iPad Pro.  The metal mount has a series of pre-drilled holes for mounting to the bottom of a kitchen cabinet.  The cradle features adjustment points at the halfway point and the cradle and the ability to swivel the tablet into any orientation.  Mounting screws are included.  That’s the mount included in the photo that accompanies this article.

Consider  The Joy Factory Unite Universal Tablet Carbon Fiber Wall Mount.  This is a longer mount than the previous and has a metal build to it.  The included cradle opens large enough for 7 – 12 inch tablets and can be swiveled from portrait to landscape mode without removing it from the cradle.  There are two model cradles to choose from.  The basic model includes a cradle that is .65 inches deep and this is fine for most tablets without a case or skin, as well as those with a thin skin.  For thicker cases, use the deeper one inch cradle model.  Be sure to select the model that best fits your tablet.  We recently published a detailed article about this particular mount if you want some more detail.

A company called CTA Digital markets their 2-in-1 Kitchen Tablet Mount and Stand specifically for kitchen use.  This is an interesting mount in that it includes the ability to mount under a cabinet or freestanding on the counter.  The included cradle opens from 6 to 8.5 inches wide so be sure your tablet will fit within these dimensions.  The mounting kit includes a bracket that attaches under the counter.  The mount slips into the bracket and can be removed when not in use or to place as a tabletop stand.  The mount can swing upwards when not in use so when mounting, be sure that you leave ample room to do that.

The last mount we will discuss is the Kitchen Rack for Tablets made by a company called Kitchen Acrylics.  Not surprisingly, the mount is made of acrylic.  The mount can attach under the cabinet using screws or Velcro.  I prefer screws as a tablet plus the mount can be heavy and the last thing you want to happen is for the tablet to fall onto the counter.  The mount itself presents a shelf with a lip.  The lip will hold almost any tablet or a cookbook.  Unlike some of the other mounts, this one doesn’t swing out-of-the-way but can be removed from the base of the mounting rack so that it won’t be in the way.

So there are four excellent entries that will work well with almost any cabinet.  Be sure to select a mount that can fit your tablet as well as one that is small enough to swing out-of-the-way when not in use.  Measure carefully because you don’t want to screw unnecessary holes into the bottom of the cabinet.  Also be sure that select a location that is convenient to where you will be cooking and that the mount swings into a convenient position for optimal use.