Ham and CB Radio Mic Holders and Mounts for Cars and Trucks

Mic Holder in TruckThis article is written to address a common problem with ham and CB Radios.  Namely, where to put the mic when not using it.  A lot of radio owners toss it on the seat.  That’s kind of ok unless there is a passenger, in which case, you could ask them to put it on their lap (which is probably not ok).  You can’t attach it to the side of the radio because it’s likely mounted under the dash and it’s virtually impossible to hang it on that little hook without taking your eyes off the road.  This is where mic holders and mounts and holders come in.

I used to have mic holders that attached to the car air vent.  It worked real well and I wish I still had them, but they stopped making these.  These mic holders or mounts had a small groove that the rear button attached to.  I always liked air vent mounts as it’s a convenient reach and out of sight of any potential bad guys.

Since those really useful car air vent mic holders aren’t made any longer, we need to look at alternatives.  The key to practically any holder is going to be the little round knob on the back of the mic.  That’s a fairly universal mechanism for to mount a Ham Radio or CB mic.  That knob fits into a slotted mount or mic holder.

Surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of choices in this space.  I think that’s a lost opportunity because this is a fairly common issue.  Most mic mounts use a bolt on holder.  You might be apt to immediately think about mounting it to the side of the radio, but think a little out of the box.  Mount it to the dash or to an AMPS Mount.  Some, but not all, mic mounts have an AMPS pattern that can attach to a mount.  This means you might be able to mount your mic on your vent or in a cup holder using an AMPS mount for that space.  A lot of these mic mounts only have two holes, but if you can find one that fits an AMPS pattern, you might have a winner.

As already mentioned, the most common of all mic holders is the screw on mount.  The Microphone Hang Up Clip for Two-Way Radios is a good example of what I’m referring to.  This is a typical screw on mount that be attached to a dash or side of a radio.  Anywhere you can drill a few small pilot holes, that’s where this will go.  See that groove in the middle?  That’s where that rear knob goes.

A lot of people might not be fond of drilling holes into their dash.  The PanaVise ClipCaddy is an example of an adhesive holder that’s suitable for a ham or CB radio mic.  There’s a groove in the front where the rear knob on the mic is inserted into. The key to a successful adhesive mount installation is to ensure the surface is clean and flat.  Once the mount is applied, allow it to sit for at least 24 hours without use.  Your radio mic probably already has the knob on the back, but PanaVise provides a spare if you need one.

The last type of ham or CB radio mic holder to consider uses a magnet.  The Magnetic Mic Clip uses a magnet to hold the mic.  The mounting kit provides a metal cover for the button on the back of the mic.  That metal cover will adhere to the magnet that is part of the Magnetic Mic Clip.  This is another bolt on mount and it’s screwed to your dash.  This makes it real easy to hang up your mic since you only need to have the mic in the near vicinity of the magnet to hang it up.

We discussed three different mic holders or mounts for CB and ham radios.  All should work well when installed properly.  All avoid having your passenger sit on the mic or act as a temporary mic holder.