Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera

Garmin BC 30 Backup CameraThe Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera can be added to many of their latest Nuvi and Dezl GPS units.  The backup camera is an excellent addition for vehicles that do not have one already installed or for trailers that do not likely have a backup camera.  While certainly not a substitute for turning your head to check for oncoming vehicles, a backup camera is useful for backing into spaces to ensure you will not hit the object behind you.  The backup camera integrates with the GPS device and leverages the display that’s used for a GPS.  If you hook it up as outlined, it will work similarly to a factory installed backup camera.

If you feel comfortable working on your car, and potentially don’t mind drilling a hole in your trunk lid, then you can do it yourself, although Garmin recommends having a professional do it.  Installation requires doing some wiring, drilling, screwing, running cables, etc.  This article is going to talk more of the camera features and integration and not the installation.  Follow the installation directions that come with the BC 30 carefully, or as Garmin suggest, get a professional involved.

There are two main components to the BC 30 backup camera.  First is the camera itself.  It comes with a small mounting bracket and normally installs right around the license plate.  You want to be sure to get that angle right before drilling.  This connects via a cable to the camera transmitter which is also what powers the camera.  The transmitter is going to connect to one of a few dozen Garmin Nuvi or dezl models, most manufactured over the past year or two.  The transmitter is hardwired into your vehicle, normally into the rear lights.  The transmitter must be located within 45 feet of your GPS to properly transmit the video.

When paired with a compatible GPS, the BC 30 wireless backup camera helps you to scope out what’s behind the vehicle.  If you choose to hardwire the transmitter to your reverse lights for power, your navigator can automatically display every time the vehicle is in reverse.  It then returns to the GPS display.  This is exactly how any vehicle with a backup camera installed by the factory works.  If you choose to connect it to a fulltime hardwire connection then you can toggle back and forth between video and GPS by pressing a button.

The Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera is a nice add on for those needing a backup camera added to their vehicle.  Although in some cases, the camera kit might cost as much as the GPS, it still represents a good value and a nice way to leverage your GPS investment.