Echo Pop Mount Analysis and Options

Echo PopThe Echo Pop is the entry level smart speaker for Alexa.  It’s uniquely shaped and works best in a corner or against a wall.  The sound quality is great for the price.  Not sure why this isn’t the number one seller in the Echo lineup.  Works as well as the Echo Dot but with a smaller footprint.

We’ve posted a few articles on other Echo devices including how to mount an Echo Dot around the home or office.

Mount Analysis

A lot of Echo Pop owners will simply place their device on the table or shelf and leave it be.  But what about those that may not have a table or shelf nearby.  Others may simply want this out of the way.

The device measures 3.9” x 3.3” x 3.6” and weighs roughly 7 ounces.  This isn’t large nor is it heavy.  This means there might be some interesting mount options to consider.

Echo Pop Mount Recommendations

The first Echo Pop mount to consider is the Plustek Outlet Mount.  This uses a power outlet as the mount point.  The power adapter resides within the mount and the Dot sits atop the built shelf which is part of the mount.  We like this mount location for smart speakers.  It’s out of the way and you don’t have to worry about long wires dangling between the device and power outlet.  We’ve used similar mounts for devices like the Echo Dot and Google Home Mini.

The next Echo Pop mount to consider is the sikiwind Smart Speaker Holder.  This mount surrounds the Echo Pop and then attaches to a wall or ceiling with screws.  Excess cable lebgth can be hidden within the mount by winding it around the perimeter.  It’s a good mount for those that don’t mind drilling some holes and need this off the table or shelf.  We’ve never keen about drilling holes because the next generation of your smart speaker might have a completely different footprint and then you are left with a series of holes in the wall.

Lastly, consider the Real Wood Stand for Echo Pop. This mount is intended for those that need to make their device look a little fancier versus having it sit atop the desk. This is probably a niche mount for formal settings like an office or fancy living room. It does make the device look fancier than a plain old every day smart speaker.


Echo Pop mounts aren’t easy to find because the device isn’t as well sold as the Echo Dot.  We have found that mounts are widely available when the device (or car model) it holds becomes more popular.

The three mounts highlighted are all useful.  We’ve always liked outlet mounts for smart speakers and we’re glad to see a few available for the Echo Pop.  A screw-in shelf is a common option too.  The formal stand is fairly unique and we can see it as a nice add-on for someone that needs to dress their surrounding up a bit.