How to Mount a Google Home Mini Around the Home or Office

How to Mount a Google Home Mini Around the Home or OfficeA Google Home Mini is designed to sit atop a flat surface such as a table or shelf.  However, sometimes, that might not be where you want your device to be located.  Let’s look at some ideas on how to place a Google Home Mini in some unconventional places around your home or office.

Google has one main competitor for this device and that’s the Amazon Echo Dot.  Many of the products we have found for the Google Home Mini are ironically made by the same companies that make mounts for the Echo Dot.  Turns out the size and design are quite similar and so are the mounts.

So today we’ll discuss how to mount your Google Home Mini in some unconventional places.  We;re talking about places like a wall, under a kitchen cabinet, maybe attach it to a power outlet.

Before selecting a location, find a nearby power outlet.  The new location will do no good if you don’t have power.  Also, ensure that it can hear your voice clearly.  A well concealed device might block incoming voice commands so be sure to leave sufficient exposure for incoming commands.

When a flat surface isn’t readily available, consider adding the ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf.  This is a great idea.  It turns an outlet cover into a shelf for your Google Home Mini.  This mount replaces the outlet cover that you currently have.  A hole in the middle of the shelf facilitates running the power cable through it to the AC outlet.  The resulting installation is clean and professional.  Unlike some other solutions we have used, this typically leaves the lower part of the AC outlet free to plug in other devices.  The outlet shelf comes with two styles of outlet cover.

Those looking for a minimalist mount can consider the The Mini Back Pack.  No table or shelf needed here.  This accessory uses your A/C outlet as the mounting point for the Google Home Mini.  The Mini Back Pack includes a plastic holder and a very short USB cable.  Installation is very easy and you get to eliminate the extra long cable that comes with the device.  We have used a similar concept from a different company to hold an Echo Dot and liked it a lot.  In addition to the virtual elimination of the cable, the device is kept somewhat out of the way without reducing functionality.  An excellent idea.

Mounting your Google Home Mini in the ceiling is also possible, assuming you can deal with the challenges of getting power to the device.

The Simple Built-In Mini Mount by Dot Genie is the accessory needed to do this.  This mounting kit includes a round adapter for your Google Home Mini plus the necessary ten foot micro USB and AUX adapter.  As previously mentioned, power is going to be a challenge at this location. A custom angled 6 foot USB extension, to be used with the Mini’s power adapter, is included.  Drywall tabs are molded into the mount and the surface can be painted to match the wall or ceiling color.