Echo Auto Car Mounting Options

Echo Auto Mounted to Car DashThe new Echo Auto is a great idea.  I mean what could be better than asking Alexa to add bananas to your shopping list while driving to work?  Seems like a great product.  The Echo Auto acts as a bridge between your car’s Bluetooth and the phone.

We’ve posted a few articles on other Echo devices including how to mount an Echo Dot around the home or office.  The first Echo Auto was made available in July of 2019 by special invitation.

There are Two Versions of Echo Auto

The Echo Auto First Edition was released back in 2019.  That’s the one in the photo that accompanies this article.  The device was slightly redesigned in 2022.  We will discuss both versions of the device in this article.

Echo Auto Mount in the Box

The Echo Auto is a well thought out device.  The credit card sized device has a small indent on the underside.  The included mount has a small rectangular protrusion which fits within the indent.  The mount has a sticky bottom that adheres to the car dash without adhesive.  Easy to apply.  Easy to remove.

A photo of the mount in use on the dash accompanies this article.  It’s very low profile and works perfectly.  You can see the power cable which plugs into any DC outlet.  Two buttons on the top control the mute and actions.

But, here’s the thing.  You might not need it.  Turns out the microphones on the Echo Auto work well enough so that you may not need to mount it to the dash.  Drop it into a cup holder, or even let it dangle on the floor.  Speak loud enough and it will still pickup your voice.

I tried mine on the floor, if I spoke loud enough, it picked up the commands without a problem.  I also used it within one of the cup holders within the middle console.  That worked fine too.

The second version of this device includes an adhesive mount.  The manufacturer recommends using this on a hard surface meaning avoid the dash.

Alternative Mount Recommendations

A dash mount isn’t for everyone.  For those looking for a mount other than the dash sticky variety in the box, there are alternatives.  Let’s look at a few.

Directly from the manufacturer of the device comes the Echo Auto Air Vent Mount.  This is custom made for the first generation of Echo Auto.  The mount wisely incorporates an attachment that should work fine for vertical and horizontal vents.  The mounting platform features a raised protrusion that fits the bottom of the Echo Auto just like the dash mount in the box.  The mount even includes a cable clip to keep the power cord tamed.

So it turns out the magnetic mounting method has been around for a few years.  Magnetic mounts are used to mount phones and GPS devices.  It typically includes a few metallic disks to adhere onto the back of the phone which attaches to the magnetic part of the mount.

The Echo Auto already has the metallic part as part of the product design.  However, you will need a mount with a small enough magnet to fit within the indent on the bottom of the device.

There is a mount from the manufacturer for the second edition of Echo Auto.  The Adjustable Car Vent Mount for Echo Auto (2nd Gen) is a total redesign from the first edition. This mount incorporates a magnetic mounting point and a vent attachment. The mount raises the Echo Auto away from the airflow to improve voice reception. A well thought out design.