Kia Telluride Phone, Tablet and GPS Mount Recommendations

The Kia Telluride is a very hot vehicle.  During the first year, it wasn’t unusual to see these SUVs selling above the MSRP. It’s a nicely sized SUV therefore and you would think that means mounting a phone, tablet or GPS will be easy, but that’s not the case.   We have previously looked at a few Kia SUVS including the Kia Sorento which proved to be a little easier to find good mounting spots. Windshield is nice and wide but a bit of a reach for the driver.  The vents are horizontal and the ones in the middle are very … Read more

Honda Ridgeline Phone, GPS and Tablet Mounts

The Honda Ridgeline was a surprisingly nice vehicle.  Inside it looks nothing like a pickup truck.  The outside has some nice features I haven’t seen on a pickup.  But this isn’t a vehicle review.  We take a look at how to mount a cell phone, tablet or GPS in a Honda Ridgeline. Honda Ridgeline Mounting Locations A photo of the interior of a Honda Ridgeline accompanies this article.  It’s a nice size interior with a big dash and a long reach to the windshield.  Large horizontal vents and a pair of cup holders on the passenger side.  So let’s see … Read more

Phone, Tablet and GPS Mounts for an Audi Q5

Today, we’re taking a look at the Audi Q5.  Audi makes very nice vehicles but mounting a device isn’t the easiest as some locations will make better choices than others. We’ve looked at a few other Audi vehicles and found them to be a bit of a challenge in terms of mounting devices.  So the difficulties here aren’t too surprising. Audi Q5 Mounting Locations A photo of the interior of the Audi Q5 is included.  Nice looking interior but there’s a few issues.  Most notable is the center display which pops up above the vents.  This eliminates the dashboard as … Read more

Phone and GPS Mounts for the Mercedes-Benz GLB 250 SUV

The Mercedes-Benz GLB 250 has a luxurious interior.  Lots of leather, curved surfaces and chrome.  We’re going to look at the best mounting locations for this vehicle. Mercedes-Benz GLB 250 Analysis A photo of the Mercedes-Benz GLB 250 interior accompanies this article.  Like other Mercedes, this is going to be a challenge.  We previously reviewed Mercedes-Benz C450 and just like that vehicle, finding good mounts for this SUV isn’t going to be easy. We’ve reviewed a few Mercedes-Benz models in the past and it seems like Mercedes is bent on making it more and more difficult to mount devices inside … Read more

Phone, Tablet and GPS Mounts for a Chevy Blazer

The Chevy Blazer is back.  It’s a big SUV with a few unexpected design twists that make mounting a phone, tablet or GPS a bit of a challenge.  Fortunately there are a still a few good mounting spots that we will discuss. Our typical interior cockpit view of a Chevy Blazer accompanies this article.  Easy to access the windshield and that’s always welcome news.  The dash is nice and wide and will make a good spot for mounting a phone or GPS. The center vents are located in a very strange place all the way down by the center console.  … Read more

Phone Mounts for a Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is newly introduced as a lower priced entry point into the iconic brand of battery powered vehicles.  Let’s take a look at mounting options for this vehicle. Finding good mounting locations in Tesla models has never been easy.  The Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X were similarly challenging. A photo of the interior of the Tesla Model 3 accompanies this article.  It isn’t going to be easy to find many spots for a phone mount.  A tablet mount is out of the question as the interior is simply too small to easily accommodate a larger … Read more