Phone, Tablet and GPS Mounts for an Acura RDX

The Acura RDX is a smaller luxury SUV.  It has a very nice interior but isn’t the most mount friendly vehicle.  Today, we will look at some of the best places to mount a phone, tablet or GPS in an Acura RDX. We previously looked at mounts for an Acura MDX.  The RDX is the little brother to the MDX.  We found the MDX to be one of the easier vehicles to mount almost any device.  Not so much on the Acura RDX. A photo of the Acura RDX interior accompanies this article.  It has an easy to reach windshield.  … Read more

Phone, GPS and Tablet Mounts for an Acura MDX

Most SUVs are easy to mount a mobile device within and the Acura MDX is a typical SUV.  I owned an Acura MDX for almost eight years and it was a great car.  One of the easier SUVs to mount a cell phone, tablet or GPS.  Lots of space.  Except for perhaps the dash, no unusual curves or bumps.  Lots of different places will work well in an Acura MDX but there were a few mounts and holders that simply won’t work.  Especially on the dashboard. We always try to have a photo of the interior accompany our vehicle specific articles.  A photo of … Read more