Acura Integra Phone and GPS Mounts

The Acura Integra is a nice car but not the easiest to find good mount locations for a phone or GPS.  It’s almost like the engineers got together over lunch and decided to make a concerted effort to make it as hard as possible to mount a device.

Hopefully we can figure something out!

Mount Analysis

As we always do, a photo of the interior is attached to this article.  It’s a fairly complex design.

We’ve previously looked at a few other Acura vehicles including the MDX and RDX.  It wasn’t this difficult!

A windshield mount will likely work but must be placed above the level of the display console to be useful.  The dash is simply not viewable due to the large middle display.

The vents are the most peculiar we’ve come across.  The vents are covered with a mesh-like design which renders practically ay vent unusable.  This is the first vehicle out of the hundreds we have looked at to use this design.  We hope this doesn’t become a trend.  Thankfully we’ve yet to see this in any other Acura vehicle.

There is no CD player so we can’t use that as a mounting point.

The front of the console holds some potential for an adhesive phone mount.

Lastly, the cup holders can potentially be used as a mounting point as they are set somewhat towards the passenger.

Windshield Mount Recommendations for the Acura Integra

The best location for mounting a phone will be the windshield so let’s start with those mounts.  The Acura Integra windshield isn’t overly sloped and can be easily reached by the driver.

Consider the Arkon Slim Grip Ultra Travel Mount for the windshield.  The cradle opens to over seven-inches which is easily large enough to hold almost any phone with or without a case.

This mount includes a cradle with a spring-loaded feature and legs which can be moved from side to side to leave any port on your phone exposed to run cables.  The mount that can be adjusted at the base and the cradle.  as well as swivel 360 degrees.

Remove the cradle and adapter from the above mount to hold a Garmin GPS.  The ball is 17mm in diameter.  It will snap right into the socket on the back of any cradle from a Garmin automotive GPS.

Other Mount Locations

The front of the dash to the side of the display console holds potential for an adhesive phone mount.  These work real well for phones with a MagSafe feature but can also be used with other phones using an included attachment.

If selecting this mounting location, consider a Magnetic Car Phone Mount.  This mount features an adhesive back which adheres to the front of the console.  It attaches magnetically to the MagSafe on the back of the latest Apple iPhones.  The mount also comes with a metal adhesive disk for phones with the MagSafe feature.

The cup holder is in a good place thanks to the upwards placement of the gear shift on the Volkswagen Passat.  This is good for passive use in a car.  Not good for using a GPS app as it isn’t in a good place for viewing while driving.

Consider the LISEN Cup Holder Phone Mount.  This is a really well made cup holder with a telescoping firm neck.  The bottom of the cup holder expands to get a firm grip onto the sides of the cup holder.  The included cradle expands to grip your phone securely.

While we would love to recommend a good tablet mount, there simply doesn’t appear to be enough real estate to do that in an Acura Integra.


There you have it.  This was not easy.  The windshield and cup holder are the best choices for a phone.  The console can potentially be used for a phone.  A tablet is simply too marge for this vehicle.