Blink Home Security Camera System Mounts

Wasserstein Blink MountThe Blink Home Security Camera System is a new device that is the byproduct of a recent Kickstarter campaign. They have a lot of lofty product plans as they try to fit the product space that’s halfway between a home security camera and an affordable home security system.  The mount provided in the box is very limited.  We are going to recommend some alternative mounts for the Blink Camera.

Blink Home Security System Mounting Basics

If you’re reading this article, it’s likely you may already have a Blink System.  The system includes a sync module and one or more cameras.  The sync module plugs into the wall and all the cameras attach to this little white box.  The cameras are completely wireless.  They are powered with a pair of Lithium batteries.

The Blink Home Security System is an indoor camera so we will talk about mounts intended to be used indoors.  A Blink XT is discussed on our site as well and that’s designed for outdoor use.  We also cover the Blink XT2 introduced in early 2019.

The mount that is included with each camera attaches to the back of the camera.  You can then attach the camera to a wall or ceiling.  The included mount is a flat surface mount that includes a set of screws typically used for attachment to drywall.  It’s an ok mount, but very short, and a bit flimsy.  Not the most substantial mount however if it works for you, that’s great.

Custom Blink Home Security Camera Mounts

There are a few mounting options available for the Blink camera.  The unique mounting attachment on the back of the camera makes alternative mounts a bit difficult to find but there are a few nice ones that were introduced very recently that we would like to tell you about.

First let’s consider the Wasserstein Suction Cup Mount for Blink and Blink XT Cameras.  Wasserstein includes an adapter for the back of the camera.  It snaps right onto the area the stock mount from Blink snaps onto.  It’s a well thought out design.  Suction mounts are an overlooked attachment method for home security cameras.  A suction cup can attach to anything smooth and flat.  Think about windows, filing cabinets, even a refrigerator.  Since these cameras are truly wireless, no need to be constrained by proximity to a power outlet.

The Wasserstein Metal Wall Mount for Blink XT Outdoor & Indoor Cameras comes in a three-pack.  It includes the adapter we just described with a metal mount that features a ball and socket on the end.  That’s a photo of this mount in action that accompanies this article.  This mount is perfect for positioning just above a door or for mounting a Blink to a ceiling or wall.  The mount attaches to a flat surface using the included wood screws.

Alternative Blink Home Security System Mounts

The Blink camera is  very small measuring 2.77” x 2.77” x 1.17” and weighing in at 3.3 oz (including the batteries).  That means there are some mounts with expandable cradles that will fit the camera.  Let’s take a look at what’s available.

Consider the Arkon MegaGrip Handlebar Mount which comes with a cradle that opens to 3.4″.  These mounts will fit any round rail or bar up to 1.25 inches in diameter.  These mounts are typically used on motorcycles but they will fit your camera as well.  The mount comes with a safety strap that would not be used on stationary platforms like a rail.

A related topic to this subject is Mounting the Blink Sync Module which is worth a read if having some challenges finding a good central place to put this critical component.