Airplane Passenger Seat Mounts for Phones and Tablets

Airplane Passenger Seat Mounts for iPads and TabletsSo I’m on my way to Florida on a United Airlines flight when panic sets in.  The photo that accompanies this article is best case with DirecTV.  But on this flight, there’s no DirecTV or WiFi.  Out of the thousands of planes that United Airlines has in their fleet, I got stuck on the one without any entertainment installed.  I can’t possibly talk to my wife this long and my iPhone doesn’t have any games or movies installed.  This is going to be the most boring three hours of my life.  This is how I discovered the necessity for good airplane passenger seat mounts.

If only I was better prepared.  I vowed to never let this happen again.  So I’m going to always have some TV shows downloaded to my iPad which I always bring with us for FaceTime with relatives.  But wait.  Now I’m stuck with having to hold the iPad for the entire length of the flight.

So it’s off to the MountGuys labs to see what we can do about this.  Thankfully, we have some good recommendations for airplane passenger seat mounts.

I have always liked the Arkon Folding Tablet Stand because it’s easy to use, highly portable and fits almost any tablet.  The photo that accompanies this article is of a person using this mount.  The mount is actually a folding stand that supports the tablet from the bottom and the back.  When done using it, the mount folds up and can be tucked into your pocket or placed in your luggage.  These fit tablets from 7 – 12 inches and will work with most cases and skins.  Comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.

The next mount to consider is the Flight Flap Phone & Tablet Holder.  This is one of those airplane passenger seat mounts that’s specifically marketed for airplanes.  The best way to describe this, it’s a device tray for phones and small to midsize tablets.  You can use it on an unfolded seat tray.  One end of the Flight Flap can also be tucked in where the seat tray folds up.  I prefer using it on an unfolded seat tray for added stability.  An added feature of the Flight Flip is easy portability as it folds into a small form factor after the flight is over.

Another interesting mount to consider is the The SkyClip.  This is a very inexpensive solution working similarly to the prior mount in that it doubles as a seat tray stand and a display device that clips onto a folded seat tray.  Again, I suggest using it on an unfolded seat tray for added stability.

So there you have four good recommendations for airplane passenger seat mounts.  All get the job done.  You just need to decide if you need the type that sits on the snack tray or one that attaches to the tray or seat.  Of course, if the plane has DirecTV, all bets are off, and the tablet stays in the luggage.

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