Flight Flap Phone and Tablet Holder for Air Travel Review

Flight Flap

The Flight Flap has an interesting name for a phone and tablet mount.  It’s difficult to understand the relativity of the name until you see the product so more about that in a bit.  This is a product made for holding a phone or tablet while seated as a passenger on a commercial airliner.  This article takes a hands-on view of the product.

We reviewed a variety of ways to hold your phone on a flight awhile back.  This is one of the best we know of.

Why a Flight Flap?

Being a resident of New Jersey, I fly out of Newark Liberty Airport quite often.  United Airlines uses Newark as a hub.  That means more often than not, I’ll be on a United Airlines flight.  Over the past few years, United has been offering up a video library via WiFi on their flights.  Passengers use their phone or tablet to watch movies and television shows served off a media server on board the flight.

Not a bad idea until realizing how tired my arm gets holding the device on an angle for viewing.  After one episode of Friends, my arm is in too much pain to watch the next episode.

If only there was a way to stand the phone at an angle on the tray table….

Flight Flap to the Rescue

The Flight Flap Phone and Tablet Holder is a mount used while watching video on your phone or tablet.  The product is a flat pliable aluminum product sandwiched between a foam material.  It weighs next to nothing.

The way this works is you store it in a carry-on.  Take it out and bend it once around the middle then bend it again in the opposite direction about a quarter of the way down.  Place the phone or tablet on the smaller fold and simply rest it on your unfolded tray table in front of you.

It stays in an upright angled position sufficient for watching a movie for a long period of time without getting your arms tired.  Unike other solutions that clip to the seat tray of arm that keeps the seat tray in place, this rests right on the seat tray.

I suppose this could be used for a small tablet as well as a phone.  I wouldn’t take it much larger than that.  It’s likely to become top heavy with larger tablets such an iPad.


We give the Flight Flap a thumbs up for holding your phone or small tablet on a commercial flight.  The Flight Flap can be used anywhere there’s a flat surface.  Think about places like a picnic table or a coffee table.