Yi Dash Cam Car Mount Options

Yi Dash Cam MountThe Yi Dash Cam is a great device for keeping on eye on the action in front of you.  It’s a solid camera, and more importantly, very easy to use.  However, the Yi Dash Cam adhesive mount that comes in the box with the camera is very small and somewhat limiting.

A photo of the mount that comes with the Yi Dash Cam accompanies this article.  It has an adhesive base so be sure that you are positive about the location because you only get one shot at this.  Deciding to change the location translates to an interesting project that is partially addressed in this interesting article on removing an adhesive car mount.

Measuring approximately 2 inches high, this is a very small mount.  This means it will be mounted somewhat close to the windshield.  Interfacing with the camera will require the driver to lean forward and seeing the display will be more difficult.

So we are left with a mount that has two restrictions.  First, the permanence of the adhesive base.  Secondly, the limitations caused by the size of the provided mount.  Now, let’s look at some alternative mount options for a Yi Dash Cam.  The key to alternative mounts is the single T slot at the top of the Yi Dash Cam.

An obvious alternative for an adhesive mount on a windshield is a suction cup.  Consider the iSaddle CH02A Car Dash Dash Camera Mount.  This suction mount relieves you of the pressure caused by the one shot adhesive mount that came with the dash cam.  There’s a swivel ball adjustment and you can install and remove this mount as much as you like.  That translates to a lot of flexibility including the ability to move your Yi Dash Cam to another vehicle.  Can’t do that with a permanent adhesive mount.

For those that prefer a longer mount, look at the Arkon Windshield Dashboard Sticky Suction Car Mount for XM and Sirius Satellite Radios.  Turns out that some satellite radios use a similar mounting pattern as the Yi Dash Cam.  This mount has that same single T adapter at the end.  There is an adjustment point near the base and at the tip.  Attaching it to your windshield means getting it in place and pushing the vacuum lock lever down towards the windshield.  This mount comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

Next up is the Pruveeo Dash Cam Mount for a rear view mirror.  The mount features a ball and socket design.  An arm attaches to two balls which permits adjustment of the camera angle.  A variety of adapters comes with the mount.  Use the single T adapter to attach the mount to the camera.  If your mirror isn’t set too far back, this might be a good solution.  It’s not permanent and can be easily adjusted.

So there are three good mounting options for the Yi Dash Cam.  All are easy to install and more importantly, easy to remove.  They provide some additional flexibility versus the small adhesive mount that comes with the camera.