Car and Truck Mounts for the Uniden SDS100 Scanner

Uniden SDS100 Car MountThe Uniden SDS100 is the best scanner I have ever used.  While it pains me to pay for the DMR upgrade after spending so much, it’s still a great scanner.  I’m able to hear frequencies I could not get before.  Programming is about as easy as it gets using Sentinel.

An entire article could be written about the merits of the Uniden SDS100.  Since this is a site about mounts, we’re going to write an entire article about mounts for the Uniden SDS100.  We’ll leave the technical merits articles to sites that do that better than we could.

Mounting Basics for the Uniden SDS100 Scanner

We previously covered mounts for the Uniden BCD436HP.  This is a bit similar in size, but there was an unexpected challenge that makes mounting this scanner more difficult.  We’ll cover that in a bit.

A photo of the Uniden SDS100 accompanies this article.  I added a Diamond SRH77CA antenna and an extended adapter so it’s a very tall radio with the antenna replacement.  My suggestion is to use the stock antenna in the car, or at least something shorter than the really tall Diamond.

It’s worth noting the radio in the photo is using a case.  This particular case is the Bearcatwarehouse Nylon SDS100 Case.  I like this case as it’s open in the back so the rear mounting button can still be accessed.  The case fits the device real well and adds some protection to the expensive scanner in case of a drop.  Given the price of this device, adding a case is a good idea.

It’s worth mentioning, this is a very well thought out case.  It’s custom made for the SDS100.  It even has a cutout for the port needed to plug in the Uniden BC-GPSK GPS antenna cable.

How to Mount the Uniden SDS100 in a Vehicle

The Uniden SDS100 was initially introduced with a much smaller battery case.  This made mounting the radio a little less complicated than what it becomes with the extended battery.  In fact, the extended battery enclosure forces use of the rear mounting button as the sole means of mounting the radio.  The extended battery compartment adds substantial depth to the radio as well as uneven dimensions as the bottom back now has a large bump to it.

The mount deployed in the photo that accompanies this article is the Car Floor Seat Bolt Mount for Uniden SDS100.  This works with both battery types.  It’s 18 inches long and features a flexible metal pole in the middle.  The mount attaches to exposed seat bolts.  An included floor mounting adapter with screws can be used to mount directly to the floor board.

Another mounting method to consider is the Microphone Hangup Clip.  This mounting solution is typically used for a microphone but it will work with a Uniden SDS100 too.  That knob has the same shape as the back of a microphone.  Only caveat is you need to be willing to screw a few holes in your dash.  Hang the Uniden SDS100 directly onto the hangup clip.  A photo of one of these clips accompanies this article.  This mounting idea will work with either battery compartment configuration.

Got the Old Battery Laying Around?

If using the standard battery (not the new extended one), there are a lot more mounts that can be considered.  The RAM Finger Grip Suction Cup Mount is a well made accessory but you need to ensure that sufficient clearance exists and that the antenna does not get in the way of the windshield.  The mount has a 3-inch metal arm in the middle with adjustment points at the base and tip.  The suction cup has a vacuum lock to ensure it’s a good attachment but always make sure to clean the windshield thoroughly before attaching the mount.

This mount includes one of RAM’s specialty cradles.  There are three sets of gripping fingers included with the cradle kit.  The Uniden SDS100 will require use of the longest fingers which are 1.6″ deep.  The top of the Finger Grip Holder can be removed to accommodate the height of the radio.