Police Scanner Car Mounts and Holders

Police Scanner in a Vent MountsA police scanner is used to catch the action from local police departments.  Several years ago, these were fairly inexpensive because none of the transmissions were scrambled.  Today, it’s a bit different as many local frequencies are scrambled and require a more expensive police scanner to decode the scrambling.

Police scanners come in many different sizes.  The sizes range from full tabletop to a handheld device.  Most police scanners come in the smaller handheld size.  This article will cover police scanner car mounts for the smaller handheld models.

There isn’t such a thing as a custom mount for a police scanner.  They come in a variety of sizes and shapes so it’s not feasible to design a mount with a custom cradle to fit that exact police scanner model.  Fortunately, some (not all) phone mounts for cars will fit a handheld scanner.  Be sure to measure your police scanner prior to selecting your mount.  The depth and width are the most important dimension.

The photo that accompanies this article is my Uniden Bearcat police scanner using a vent mount.  I am using the Arkon Car Air Vent Mount with MegaGrip Cradle.  This mount includes a vent clip that attaches to most horizontal slats.  There is an expandable holder that grasps your police scanner from the sides.

The cradle opens to 3.4 inches which I have found to be wide enough for the two scanners which I have owned.  The arms of the cradle are one inch deep which was enough to grip the police scanner securely.  While the police scanner was deeper than the cradle, it still held the device securely.  Just be sure to squeeze the sides of the cradle as tightly as possible.

Since I had good luck with this particular cradle, it’s going to be part of the remainder of my recommendations for a police scanner.

That same cradle is available with a seat bolt mount.  Seat bolt mounts are terrific if you have access to the seat bolt that attaches your passenger seat to the floor of the car.  I like using these on the passenger seat using the bolt closest to the driver.  A very detailed article on these types of mounts can be read here.  The key to using these types of mounts is to wrench tighten the seat bolt after installation.  Hand tightening it will cause the mount to tilt over.

The Arkon Car Seat Bolt Mount with MegaGrip Cradle combines that cradle that I like with an 18 inch stalk.  Like before, the cradle opens to 3.4 inches and is one inch deep.  Attachment to the seat bolt uses the included claw at the end of the mount.  Installation of this mount is simple and can be done using a wrench or pliers.  The manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty on this mount.

The last type of mount to consider with a handheld police scanner is the Arkon Car Cup Holder Phone and Midsize Tablet Mount.  The mount has a ball and socket design facilitating adjustments at the base and cradle.  An expandable base fits most vehicle cup holders.  The only vehicles that I know of where it doesn’t fit are ones with an adjustable cup holder that pops out of a dash.  A lot of 2-seater roadsters have those types of cup holders.  Like the other two mounts, there is a 2-year warranty on these.

Notice there aren’t any windshield or dash recommendations for a police scanner.  I have not had good luck with these.  Most police scanners have an antenna that extends the length of the device by up to six inches.  Most windshield suction cup mounts will not extend the police scanner enough to clear the antenna.  Put another way, it’s too tall for windshield attachment.  Same goes for a dash mount.

Sticking with the three recommended locations and a good mount that has a sufficiently large cradle will allow your police scanner to rest somewhere other than the passenger seat.