Installing Sirius XM Radio in a Truck or Rig

Extendable mount is excellent for Installing Sirius XM Radio in a Truck or RigTruckers like satellite radio.  Today we are going to talk about installing Sirius XM Radio in a truck or rig.  We will discuss the most obvious part of how to mount the radio.  We will also cover antenna options which are a bit more difficult than what is done for a car.

Installing Sirius XM Radio in a truck or rig has unique challenges versus a car.  The cabin is much larger therefore the mount needs to be longer.  The mount also needs to remain stable and remain unaffected by extreme vibrations and bumps.  It’s easy to install the antenna on a car.  Just pop it on your roof and let the wire in through your side window.  That’s not going to work well on a truck.  So let’s take a look at what’s out there for getting the job done.

Starting with the SiriusXM SXDV3 Satellite Radio Vehicle Mounting Kit with Dock and Charging Cable, you will use some of the components within this kit for attaching your Sirius XM Radio in a truck or rig.  This is a car kit that works with the majority of Sirius XM Radios released within the past several years.  You will be using the car dock to seat your radio and attach to one of the mounts that we will recommend.  The charger is going to be needed to plug into your truck’s accessory port.  That charger will plug into the car cradle we just mentioned.  Potentially, you might be able to use the antenna.  The mounts aren’t likely to be of any use inside the rig.

The Arkon Sirius XM Extendable Windshield Suction Cup Mount is a good choice for a truck or rig.  This is the mount shown in the photo with this article.  The mount has a metal shaft in the middle that extends from 14 to 18 inches.  Since the mount is mostly metal, it will hold up well to the vibrations found in this environment.  The suction cup is heavy duty and has a locking mechanism.  The tip of the mount has a single T that fits into many of the slots on the back of the car cradle but also includes a 4-hole AMPS plate.  That AMPS plate is what’s needed to attach to many of the 4-hole patterns on the back of some car cradles.  So this mount has you covered for virtually any model Sirius XM Radio.

Another good location for a Sirius XM Radio in a truck is the seat bolt or floor.  The Flexible 22″ Gooseneck Car Seat Bolt Floor Mount for Sirius XM Satellite Radio should get the job done within most trucks.  The company that makes these has two models.  One is 18″. This one is 22″.  For a truck, you need the added length.  The mount is made of mostly metal and is very steady.  Like the mount just discussed, there are included adapters for almost all radio models.  Attachment is easy as long as the seat bolt is exposed.  Be sure to use a wrench or pliers to tighten the seat bolt when done installing.  Hand tightening is not recommended as the mount will flop over sideways.  You need the seat bolt to be very tight around the bottom claw of the mount.  The mount is flexible so you can bend it however needed.

You can also mount a Sirius XM Radio to any flat surface such as a dashboard using the Windshield Dashboard Sticky Suction Mount for XM and Sirius Satellite Radio.  This mount has a unique sticky bottom that adheres to smooth or textured dashboards.  A key hint is make sure the surface is clean prior to application.  Like the other mounts this one has the attachments needed for almost all models of radio.  If you find the bottom stickiness wearing off, just rinse the bottom in some warm soapy water and let dry.  Instant recharge.

The antenna is an interesting challenge in a truck.  A simple and practical solution is the mount it inside your cab.  You can do that by using the Windshield Suction Cup Antenna Mount for Sirius / XM Radio.  This mount has a few metal strips on the flat platform that facilitates attachment of the antenna.  Just keep the cable on the antenna wound up and place this anywhere on the windshield.  The antenna doesn’t have to be outside the vehicle to receive a clear signal.  It needs to see the sky where the satellites are located.

The Browning International Satellite Radio Trucker Mirror Mount Antenna is the mother of all satellite radio antennas.  This is going to get you the best satellite radio reception.  These typically mount to your mirror on the outside of the rig.  The antenna comes with a replaceable cable and is heavy duty.  The top of the antenna has a large reception puck to pull in the satellite radio puck.  I like this solution best for receiving the Sirius or XM Radio in a truck.  It’s outside the cab and has the best view of the sky and when coupled with the large size, will receive the clearest signal.

We covered a lot of options in this article and all are fairly unique in being rugged and large enough to install Sirius XM in a truck or rig.  As previously stated the majority of mounts and accessories made for a car aren’t likely to work as well for a trucker.