Mounts for the Uniden BCD396XT and BCD396T Handheld Scanner

The RAM Finger Grip Holder is Excellent for the Uniden BCD396XT and BCD396T Handheld ScannerThe Uniden BCD396XT and BCD396T Handheld Scanners have been around for a while and will continue to be useful many years from now.  We still get questions regarding how to mount these scanners so though an article on that topic would be helpful.

The Uniden BCD396XT and BCD396T Handheld Scanners aren’t very large.  The unit measures 2.4″ wide x 5.35″ high x 1.22″ deep – not including the antenna.  There is a rear belt clip and knob on the back of the scanner.  Take these off.  Nobody wears these on their belt anymore.  Removal will enable use of some good mounts.  Most mount need a flat back to the scanner.  The knob and belt clip would get in the way.

Let’s talk about some mounts.  Decide where you want to mount it.  If it’s a car, take a look around to figure out where a 5.35″ high radio would fit best (and remember to add the antenna to make this around 10 inches in height).  Don’t plan on turning the knobs or pushing the buttons while driving.  You will likely want it in a location where it’s easy to see the display on BCD396XT scanner.  There aren’t any custom mounts for this radio model and not just any mount will work.  You might be inclined to use a phone mount but it will not work well because of the depth and weight.  A cradle is needed that is at least 1.22 inches deep.  Most cell phone mounts are less than an inch deep.

We’re going to look at mounts from a company called RAM Mounts out of Washington State in the US.  They make rugged mounts.  Most importantly, they make rugged mounts with a deep cradle.  All of these mounts come with a lifetime warranty.

I think the RAM Finger-Grip Holder is probably the best solution out there for handheld scanners.  This is one of RAM’s specialty cradles.  It gets the job done.  There are three sets of fingers with this cradle kit.  The Uniden BCD396XT and BCD396T Handheld Scanners will require use of the medium-sized  fingers which are 1.25″ deep.  You can also use the longest fingers which come in at 1.6″, but I would suggest the medium.  The top of the Finger Grip Holder can be removed to accommodate the height of the radio.

You can couple the Finger Grip Holder with several different mounting bases.

The RAM POD I Vehicle Mount with 18″” Rigid Aluminum Rod can attach the Finger Grip Cradle with the Uniden BCD396XT / BCD396T scanner to the car passenger seat.  This is one of my favorite locations for a radio because the height of the mount places the radio right around the same area that your car radio would be.  When the mount isn’t in use, simply bend it out of the way.  Attachment is a 5-minute exercise, assuming the seat bolt is easily accessed.  Just be sure to use a wrench or pliers because the key to making this mount work is to wrench tighten the seat bolt after tucking the mounting claw underneath.

The RAM Finger Grip Suction Cup Mount is a well made accessory but you need to ensure that sufficient clearance exists when you have the radio with antenna within the mount.  The mount has a 3-inch metal arm in the middle with adjustment points at the base and tip.  The suction cup has a vacuum lock to ensure it’s a good attachment but always make sure to clean the windshield thoroughly before attaching the mount.  This mount will work in vehicles that do not have sloped windshields.  For example, my Nissan Murano has a severely sloped windshield.  The antenna will hit the glass so I wouldn’t be able to use it.  These tend to work better in trucks and rigs versus a passenger vehicle.

So there you have several nice options for mounting the Uniden BCD396XT and BCD396T Handheld Scanners.