Phone and Tablet Mounts for a Tesla Model Y

Tela Model Y phone and Tablet MountsThe Tesla Model Y is the most popular vehicle in this manufacturer’s lineup.  Let’s take a look at some of the phone and tablet mount options.

Finding good mounting locations in Tesla models has never been easy.  We found that out after checking into the Tesla Model 3 Phone Mount Options.

Tesla Model Y Phone and Tablet Mount Analysis

A photo of the interior of the Tesla Model Y accompanies this article.  The interior is void of a lot of place we ordinarily recommend for mounting a phone or tablet.  Fortunately, there are some new and interesting locations because everything in a Tesla in new and unique.

Looking at the interior, we see an easily accessible windshield and a fairly large dash.  The vents are kind of hidden so that won’t work.  There is no CD player so can’t use that as a mount point.  A pair of cup holders is set somewhat far back so might be of some value as a mount point.  The seat bolts are not going to work either.

Not to worry, we have some traditional and not so traditional locations.

Windshield and Dash Mounts for the Tesla Model Y

First up is the windshield on this vehicle.  This is probably the best traditional location for mounting a phone because it keeps the phone within easy view an easy reach.  Be sure the mounting location doesn’t block your view of the road.

Consider the Arkon Slim Grip Ultra Travel Mount for smartphones. The cradle expands to over seven-inches wide and that is large enough to hold a phone with or without a case (including a thick Otterbox Defender).  The expandable cradle includes support legs that can be moved from side to side to leave any port on your phone exposed for cables.  The mount can be adjusted at the base and cradle.  It rotates 360 degrees.

This mount kit includes a dash disk for turning the suction mount into one that works on top of the dash.  However, the dash is a far reach in this model so you may opt to not try that one out.

Tablet Mount Locations in the Tesla Model Y

Those wanting to add a tablet to their ride don’t have many locations to choose from.  We think the best location for small to midsize tablet is the cup holder in the console.

Consider the APPS2CAR Cup Holder Mount for Tablets and Phones.  This mount includes two different cradles.  One for a phone and another for a tablet.  The mount is adjustable and solidly made to easily handle the weight of your tablet.  You will see a lot of mounts on the market for tablets or cell phones.  This is one of the few car mount kits known that offers two different cradles, one for the phone, the other for the tablet.  The tablet cradle will hold devices up to 11 inches.

Unique Locations in the Tesla Model Y for Mounting a Phone

As mentioned earlier, there are some unique places in the Tesla Model Y.

First up is the use of the air vent slit.  As Tesla owners know, this isn’t a traditional air vent.  We need a mount that will fit in that slit.

That’s where the Ainope Phone Mount for Tesla Y and 3 comes into play.  This mount includes a series of hooks that slides right into the vent area.  There is an included cradle that fits phone from 4-7 inches.   Phones with cases can fit just fine.

The other unique mount for this model is the Andobil Tesla Model Y and Model 3 Magsafe Phone Holder.  This mount will attach to the top of the display and has a magnetic attachment that fits phones with the Magsafe attachment.  It’s an excellent idea and places the phone at an excellent location in the line of site of the driver.  The installation is quick and easy.  We are big fans of Andobil mounts and have recommended these in other articles.