Entertaining the Kids in the Car with your iPad, Galaxy Tab, Xoom or Playbook

An iPad mounted on the drivers side headrestWho needs that expensive video system for entertaining the kids when you have a tablet!  Superior in functionality and entertainment selection to a DVD player, today’s tablets have access to thousands of movies and video clips.  Attach it to your car stereo system using an inexpensive cable, power it from your lighter, and off you go.

So the question becomes where do you put it.  We have found the headrest and the seat bolt to be perfect mounting points for putting your tablet somewhere that all occupants can easily view the action.  The headrest makes a great mounting point for a lot of stuff.  Especially useful for keeping backseat passengers entertained with your iPad or any tablet such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  The posts to the headrest are typically the place where you would attach the mount.  There are two kinds of headrest mounts for tablets.  One attaches to the two posts of a single seat.  Perfect height for little backseat passengers and far enough away so that the tablet cannot be turned into a Frisbee.  This works well for a single passenger.  Fights can ensure if you have more than one kid back there so for those families blessed with a larger family, consider what is called a centered headrest mount.  This type of mount attaches to the headrest posts but then telescopes so that your tablet is now located in the middle between the two front seats.  No fights over who has the best angle to the tablet.  Now the kids will just fight over what they are watching on the tablet.  Maybe just buy a second headrest mount.

The seat bolt is also an excellent place for mounting your tablet.  See the little bolt on your vehicle’s floor that is attaching your car seat to the floor – you can attach a mount to it.  Seat bolt mounts are comprised of a small claw that goes under the seat bolt.  Simply loosen the bolt with a wrench or pliers, place the claw beneath the bolt, then tighten the bolt with the wrench or pliers (hand tighten will not work well, you need to use tools).  Buy a seat bolt mount high enough to be seen by your back seat passengers.  We recommend a mount that is at least 22 inches in height, made of metal and has a gooseneck feature that you can use to bend the mount for the best angle.  Also be sure that the mount can be swiveled into portrait or landscape mode and that the expandable cradle that comes with the mount will grip tight enough so that when you swivel the mount, the tablet does not come loose.  We wrote a very detailed article on seat bolt mounts that you can read here.

You can also use a suction mount for back seat passengers.  We aren’t a big fan of suction mounts and children as they have access to the actual suction mechanism which is easy to remove.  So unless you feel that the mount can remain out of reach, consider one of the other mounts mentioned previously within this article.