Taxi Cab Driver Phone, Tablet and GPS Mounts

NYC Taxi CabOur site has been around for a long time.  Surprisingly, the subject of taxi cab phone, tablet and GPS mounts hasn’t been covered before.  So today, we look at mounts for a taxi cab.

There are a two topics for mounts in a taxi cab namely the driver and passenger.  We will cover mounts for taxi drivers in this article.  While the driver is likely using the mount as a GPS or music app, the passenger might use it for entertainment in the back seat.

It’s important with any mount that your attention remains on driving.  never use a mount that can block your view or isn’t safely attached.  Also, be sure to watch the road.  The mounts for a taxi cab need to be more rugged than those in a passenger car because, let’s face it, this is going to be used more.  So we want mounts that will hold up to constant insertion and removal of the device.  If the mount is removable, we want it to hold up well to lots of installation and removal activities.

We also recommend using an expandable cradle.  Ensure it opens wide enough to accommodate your device with a case or skin.  Avoid magnetic mounts.  These mounts offer a simple way to attach your device to a mount but they aren’t likely to hold up well in rugged situations such as a Manhattan taxi cab.

And lastly, the more metal, the better.  Metal often beats out plastic for the best mounts.  Sure, it adds to the price but should last the longest.

The most popular place to mount a device when used as a GPS is the windshield.  So let’s look at a good windshield mount for a taxi cab.  This is the mount that is easiest to remove and install so if you need one that is temporary, consider this location.  Consider the RAM X-Grip IV Suction Cup Mount.  This is one of the most rugged suction mounts available.  A metal three-inch arm is attached to 3.3 inch suction cup with vacuum locking mechanism.  The device will rotate 360 degrees and can pivot towards the driver.

The X-Grip cradle opens to 4.5 inches so most smartphones and many traditional Garmin and TomTom GPS devices will fit.  Most importantly, your device is simple to install and remove.  The metal cradle is made to last a long time.  All components come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.  We wrote a detailed article on the X-Grip cradle which you can read here.

Looking to use a tablet in taxi cab?  The windshield is a poor choice because it can potentially block your view of the road.  Consider The Joy Factory Unite Universal Carbon Fiber Car/Truck Seat Bolt Mount for 7″-11″ Tablets. This is for tablets that aren’t necessary for a GPS app or uses that require you to look while driving. It won’t get in the way of your line of sight and surely beats sitting on the passenger seat where it’s likely to get damaged. The cradle opens to accommodate 7-11 inch tablets that are up to an inch thick. Just slide in your tablet and turn the knobs on the back to secure your device. The 22″ high mount is built with lightweight durable carbon fiber arms with adjustment points at the midpoint and cradle. Your device swivels 360 degrees. A lifetime warranty from the manufacturer is included.

We also cover mounts for back seat taxicab passengers.  Especially useful for Lyft and Uber drivers.