weBoost Drive Sleek Mounts for Cars and Trucks

weBoost Drive Sleek MountsThe weBoost Drive Sleek is a great accessory for improving cellular reception in your car or truck.  We recently reviewed the weBoost Drive Sleek and found it delivered on its claims improving reception significantly.  The included mount allows you to place the device on the car’s air vent.  If the vent mount isn’t for you, don’t despair because today, we’re looking at weBoost Drive Sleek mounts for cars and trucks.

weBoost used to be called Wilson Electronics and we covered mounts for their older generation cell phone booster awhile back.  The weBoost Drive Sleek is an updated version of that booster.

There are several components within the weBoost Drive Sleek system and we’re talking about the phone cradle. That’s where your smartphone sits.  The back of the smartphone cradle has a metal disk on it.  The disk is intended to pair with a magnetic mount.  So any alternative weBoost Drive Sleek mounts need to be magnetic and strong enough to support the weight of the weBoost cradle with the phone within it.

A photo of the mount that comes with the weBoost Drive Sleek accompanies this article.  It’s not that the air vent mount isn’t useful.  For many cars, this magnetic mount will work just fine.  As of the date of this article, we have not seen any alternative mounts come out of weBoost yet.  For those that cannot use the included vent mount, don’t despair as there are other options which we’ll talk about today.

If using your smartphone as a GPS with an app like Waze, you want it to be where you can see it.

The windshield is a good place to mount the weBoost Drive Sleek if needing to refer to it for GPS purposes.  Consider the MagicMount Mount XL for Mobile Devices. This mount has the magnetic ending needed to attach to the back of the cradle.  This is the XL sized magnet from Scosche typically meant for tablets.  The mount features a vacuum locked suction.  Be sure to clean the windshield thoroughly prior to use for the best adhesion.  The mount comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty.

Next up in our discussion of weBoost Drive Sleek mounts is the dashboard.  The same company as the windshield mount offers the Scosche MagicMount Pro XL Surface- Extra Large Magnetic Mount for Tablets and other Devices.  This mount adheres to a vertical surface of your car’s dash.  The mount comes with a few different color rings so you can match the car’s color more closely.

Last up on the subject of weBoost Drive Sleek mounts is for times when you don’t need to refer to your phone while driving.  Consider the INNOMAX CD Player Tablet Mount. These are marketed to hold up a full sized iPad so should qualify well in the area of weBoost Drive Sleek mounts. This attaches within what is likely an unused accessory, your CD player. These types of mounts aren’t for every vehicle, so be sure the placement will not be blocked by your car’s gear shift. The fit of the mount into the CD Player should be snug, but don’t force anything. If it doesn’t feel right, abort, and go with a different location.

It’s important when using weBoost Drive Sleek mounts, that you aren’t distracted while driving. So be sure to select a secure mount, without blocking your view of the road. Do not interface with your device while driving and be sure to stay safe.