How to Use Bluetooth for Everything Except Waze

Let’s say you want to use Bluetooth for every application and phone call.  Except Waze.  This article will show you how to use Bluetooth for everything except Waze. But first, what’s the issue?  My new Nissan Murano has a lot of nice technology embedded in it.  It’s far more advanced than the Acura MDX I traded in.  The audio system allows the driver to select FM, AM, CD, Sirius and Bluetooth.  I like to listen to Sirius or FM.  My phone is set to always have Bluetooth on when I’m in the car in case I get any calls. The … Read more

Can You Replace a Garmin Zumo with a Smartphone?

Can you replace a Garmin Zumo with a smartphone?  That’s a question that most never thought it would be possible to ask.  But as you will see as this article progresses, it’s possible.  Not only is it possible but a lot of people are doing it. At a recent motorcycle rally, I checked out a few thousand bikes.  The number of motorcycles with a smartphone mount outnumbered those with a Garmin Zumo mount.  I was surprised by this, and that’s how I got the idea to write this article. First, let’s look at the advantages of a dedicated motorcycle GPS like a … Read more

The Best Car Mounts for Waze Users

Running this site since the early days of Waze, I have tried a lot of car mounts when using this excellent app.  So I figured it would be a worthwhile activity to write an article on what I found to be the best car mounts for Waze users. The requirements for a good mount to use with Waze are a little different from those used for a GPS.  A GPS typically has a custom connection on the back or as part of a cradle and the only requirement is that you have a good view of the display.  A GPS … Read more

Waze Gets a Face Lift with Version 4

So Google upgraded Waze to Version 4 a few days ago.  The theme of the upgrade is a redesign of the interface so that it’s more streamlined.  There are some other improvements too which we will discuss within this article.  The functionality of Waze remains the same which is a social GPS experience.  I have written about Waze many times before starting with my initial accolades which you can read here. The first thing you will notice when cranking up Waze Version 4 is that the fonts are different and larger.  The map is uncluttered.  There isn’t a typing area … Read more

Waze App: It’s not Perfect

As readers of our site know, I have become a big fan of the Waze app over the past year.  I originally wrote an article on Waze pronouncing this to be one of the greatest applications ever.  I still think it’s a great application but it isn’t perfect.  In this article, we discuss some opportunities for improvement. I use this app a lot.  A real lot.  So much that I have achieved a level of Royalty Wazer.  That means that when people I don’t know see me on their map, I am wearing a crown.  I wish I could turn that off. … Read more

Ticket for Improper Use of a Cell Phone While Driving

This is another one of those articles that’s a little off topic but a bit related.  A family member of mine recently received a ticket improper use of a cell phone while driving so I began to check into it (Keep in mind as you read this that I’m not an attorney and this article isn’t legal advice, simply a discussion of her dilemma).  This took place in New Jersey where the penalties for doing this have recently increased substantially.  First time offenders will receive a fine of at least $200 but not more than $400. The fine for a second offense is … Read more