The Best Car Mounts for Waze Users

The Best Car Mounts for Waze UsersRunning this site since the early days of Waze, I have tried a lot of car mounts when using this excellent app.  So I figured it would be a worthwhile activity to write an article on what I found to be the best car mounts for Waze users.

The requirements for a good mount to use with Waze are a little different from those used for a GPS.  A GPS typically has a custom connection on the back or as part of a cradle and the only requirement is that you have a good view of the display.  A GPS has all the buttons needed for interaction on the display.  So as long as the mount isn’t blocking the display, you are good to go.

Waze runs on a smartphone like an Apple iPhone 6s Plus or Samsung Galaxy S7.  The mount that will work best is one that allows access to buttons on the side of the phone.  The mount also needs to have an expandable cradle to accommodate all the potential sizes of your phone with or without a case or skin.  The best car mounts for Waze users are going to need to hold up to potential social interactions when a passenger wants to report an accident or traffic (don’t do this while the car is in motion).

So here we present some of the best car mounts for Waze users.  There are a lot of places to mount a smartphone when using Waze, my favorite locations are listed within which is the windshield, dash and air vent.  I’m suggesting a mounts with cradles make the best car mounts for Waze users.  While I’m a big fan of magnetic mounts, I think that a cradle gives more support to the phone when interfacing with it.  So I’m not throwing the towel in on magnetic mounts, just prefer a ones with cradles when it comes to the most practical type of mount when using Waze.

I continue to be a fan of the Arkon Megagrip Travel Mount.  This mount features an expandable cradle which expands to 3.4 inches by pressing the button at the lower left corner of the cradle.  Your phone will fit into the cradle in portrait mode but the holder can swivel 360 degrees.  This will fit your phone with or without a thick case.  The included expandable holder has two support feet which can be moved to accommodate any ports on the bottom of your phone.  The mount comes with an adhesive dash plate so that you can attach to the mount to your dash as well as your windshield.  A photo of this mount in the dashboard configuration accompanies this article.  The mount is made of plastic and comes with 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.

If you are driving a truck or large SUV, you might have a far reach to the device.  The Arkon Extendable Car Suction Mount is an excellent choice for a smartphone or even small tablet.  The cradle is spring-loaded and expands to over 7 inches so there’s some room if you add a case or skin.  Unlike the previous holder, this cradle will grip your phone from the top and bottom.  The support feet are movable so they will not get in the way of any ports or buttons.  The mount itself has a metal arm that can extend from 14.5 to 18.5 inches.  The cradle rotates 360 degrees so your phone can be in portrait or landscape mode.  The suction cup has a vacuum lock to maintain a secure connection.  The metal arm will keep the tablet very steady in normal environments.  Like the previous mount, there is a 2-year manufacturer warranty on this well made mount.

RAM Mounts is known for their rugged high end mounts.  The RAM Twist Lock Mount with X-Grip IV Cradle is made of mostly metal and features their excellent X-Grip holder which expands up to 4.5 inches.  The 3.3″ diameter suction cup uses a twist lock to attach to your windshield.  There are adjustment points using ball and socket design at the base and the holder.  The smartphone can swivel 360 degrees in this mount.  This is one of the sturdiest mounts I have used for smartphones in a car and carry a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

The car air vent is another great place to mount a smartphone when using Waze.  The Kenu Airframe Portable Smartphone Car Mount is will attach to both horizontal and vertical vents.  These are minimalist in design, easy to install, and very simple to carry with you on vacation.  So small that it will simply slip into your pocket.  The cradle is expandable and holds phones up to 3.4 inches so your phone with or without a case should fit fine.  The Kenu mount uses a rotating clip to allow the phone to swivel into any orientation.

So there you have four of my recommendations for the best car mounts for Waze users.  My personal favorite for economy minded buys is the first one mentioned, the Arkon Megagrip.  If you are looking for the most rugged and heavy duty, I would steer you towards the entry from RAM Mounts.  Remember that Waze is one of the greatest apps out there for GPS purposes, but you shouldn’t interface with it while driving.